Chairman's message

Dear Colleague:

Thank you for your interest in the medicine and combined medicine pediatrics residency programs of Geisinger Medical Center. Geisinger Medical Center has a long tradition of excellence in residency training. In the Division of Medicine, fellowship training programs are offered in critical care medicine, gastroenterology, nephrology, palliative medicine, pulmonary medicine and rheumatology.

In addition, dermatology residency training and micrographic dermatologic surgery fellowships are offered within the division. We remain committed to education as an integral part of our overall mission.

The training programs in medicine and medicine/pediatrics are based at Geisinger Medical Center in Danville. The patient population served by this facility, is exceptional and represents a unique educational opportunity. Patients’ clinical problems vary from common primary care issues to uncommon rare quaternary care problems providing an ideal setting for training. The diseases that you will manage and treat as a resident are the disorders that you will manage as an internist or subspecialist following completion of your training.

There is considerable flexibility in the residency training program in medicine. Residents may choose to pursue a traditional categorical curriculum while options exist to tailor the curriculum to your specific needs. The curriculum emphasizes professional growth and development with specific objectives for each rotation, development of specific clinical competencies, resident responsibility and professionalism.

All of the staff within the Division of Medicine are employed physicians who are committed to the educational mission. One of the primary reasons that physicians have become a part of the Division of Medicine and the health system is their interest in teaching and their commitment to education. The staff is readily available at all times for interaction with the resident staff. It is this continued daily personal interaction between the resident staff and the attending staff that sets this program apart from many others. Residents and attending staff interact frequently with informal teaching sessions, clinical teaching rounds and clinical conferences. The atmosphere that supports the learning process is collegial and positive.

The Division of Medicine is actively engaged in clinical research. Each department within the division usually has clinical projects ongoing. Residents are encouraged to participate. Each year the staff, residents, and fellows of the Division of Medicine publish their work in peer review journals as well as present their work at regional and national meetings.

Geisinger has been recognized nationally as a leader in innovation, quality and the use of technology in enhancing care. The Division of Medicine has been a major contributor to these efforts. The electronic health record has been implemented at all outpatient and inpatient sites throughout the Geisinger system. Information on each patient is readily available for every patient encounter, no matter where the patient was seen in the system. Patients are able to communicate with their physicians in a secure mode. The data contained within the electronic health record contains a wealth of information that can be used for the purpose of quality improvement and clinical investigation. The appropriate use of technology in the Geisinger system provides an ideal platform on which to train physicians for the future.

The Division of Medicine and its training programs are supported by modern facilities and state-of-the-art equipment. Continued investment in new technologies and the professional development of the staff bode well for the future.


J. Edward Hartle II, MD
Chairman of Medicine