Frequently asked questions

What is the length of your program?
We are accredited by the ACGME as a four-year categorical training program with an integrated internal medicine preliminary year.

Is there a set USMLE/COMLEX score a candidate must achieve to be considered for the program?
No, we look at all eligible applicants.

Is Step 2 required?
Step 2 scores are not required at the time of application, but will be required for ranking.  

Is there a graduation cut-off period?

Do you accept foreign medical graduates?

What visas do you support?

We currently support J1 visas only.

How many residents do you accept per year? 
We currently accept four residents per year

Does your intern year meet osteopathic requirements?

Yes, we assist our residents with all AOA requirements

What type of incentives do we receive?
Our residents receive the following incentives:

  • $300 every quarter for meals
  • $500 for book, conference, and membership funds your intern year
  • $1,500 for book, conference and membership funds each additional year

We also offer a generousvacation and holiday allowance.

Do you have a night float system?

Do the residents have dedicated work space?