Geisinger Health System’s Orthopaedic Institute consists of faculty/orthopaedic specialists, all with subspecialty interests, physician assistants and a team of dedicated nurses trained to care for orthopaedic patients and responsible for scheduling follow-up care, handling discharge paperwork and manning postoperative clinics, allowing our residents to maximize their time and concentrate on learning.

Department chairman
Michael Suk, MD, JD, MPH, Chairman, Orthopaedic Trauma/Fracture

Residency program director
Gerard Cush, MD, Director, Orthopaedic Surgery Residency Program, Foot and Ankle

Assistant program director
Joel Klena, MD, Assistant Director, Orthopaedic Surgery Residency Program, Hand and Microvascular

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Adult reconstruction
David J. Kolessar, MD
James Murphy, MD     

General orthopaedics
Anthony J. Balsamo, MD
G. Dean Harter, MD
Steven A. Lillmars, DO
John A. Lynott, MD

Hand & microvascular
Liam Dwyer, MD
Steven Goldberg, MD
Glen Jacob, MD
Joel Klena, MD

Foot & ankle

Gerard Cush, MD

Orthopaedic oncology
Thomas R. Bowen, MD

Orthopaedic trauma/fracture
Daniel S. Horwitz, MD
Michael Suk, MD
Torre Ruth, MD
Gregory F. Thomas, DO
James C. Widmaier Jr., MD

Pediatric orthopaedics
Meagan M. Fernandez, DO
William M. Mirenda, MD
John M. Parenti, MD
Mark A. Seeley, MD

Barry G. Bernstein, DPM
Rachel S. Kish, DPM
Ellianne M. Nasser, DPM
Lucia K. T. Nguyen, DPM
Sandra L. Pensieri, DPM
Mehgan Susek, DPM

Non-operative primary care sports medicine
Sergio R. Buzzini, MD
Matthew T. McElroy, DO
David S. Ross, MD
Ryan Roza, MD
Jason Scotti, MD

Shoulder & elbow
Damian Rispoli, MD

Dirk Alander, MD
David A. Andreychik, MD
W. Fred Hess, MD
Michael Haak, MD

Sports medicine & arthroscopy
Gregory C. Fanelli, MD
Daniel D. Feldmann, MD
Hans P. Olsen IV, MD