Resident testimonials

I spent time with the ENT department as a rotating student in my fourth year of medical school. It was during my rotation that I realized this is where I wanted to do residency. Observing the residents, surgeons and physicians are very well-trained and capable of pursuing any career path, be it general ENT or more specialized fellowships. I also appreciated the small and personable environment whereby there is close interaction between the attending’s, residents and staff. I believe this type of environment nurtures trust, learning and mutual dependability among everyone and helps produce quality doctors.
- Chelsea Obourn, MD, PGY-5

Matching into ENT at Geisinger has been nothing less than ideal. Although nestled in a small town in Pennsylvania, it is a hub of medical advancement and achievement. In a very real way, small town hospitality meets new age technology and creates an amazing and unique place to learn and grow as a physician/surgeon. The attending’s and staff represent a unified team with a close knit/comfortable atmosphere, my fellow residents have quickly become my closest friends both in and out of the hospital, and being the hub of an ever expanding medical system presents us with far more than enough case volume and acuity to leave the graduating resident feeling aptly prepared for his future career. I am both thrilled to be a part of the program and proud to have its name behind me when I finish.
- Jeremy Mock, MD, PGY4

I have been very pleased with the experience I have has thus far as an otolaryngology resident at Geisinger. This is a very well rounded program aimed at graduating residents that are very strong both clinically and surgically. The borough of Danville also has a lot to offer, especially for people with an interest in outdoor activities like skiing, kayaking, golfing and biking.
- Eric Succar, PGY4

I had never heard of Geisinger prior to my visiting rotation as a fourth year medical student and was therefore pleasantly surprised when I discovered the place that I wanted to complete my residency. The biggest draw for me was Geisinger's utterly unique combination of the case load, variety, and academic opportunities of a major urban medical center with the down-to-earth atmosphere, tight-knit relationships and camaraderie of a community medical center.
- Kevin Stavrides, MD, PGY1