There are 10 full-time faculty psychologists within the Geisinger Department of Psychiatry. Each of the faculty psychologists contribute to the predoctoral internship as advisors, supervisors, seminar leaders, and lecturers. Psychologists in all settings are engaged in patient care, professional training, and clinical research or program evaluation. Many of these faculty members also offer postdoctoral fellowship opportunities in clinical, research, and program development.

Psychology section training directors, chiefs & chair

  • Christine Chew, PhD, Co-training Director, Child Clinical/Pediatric Psychology
  • Laura K. Campbell, PhD, Co-training Director, Adult Clinical/Behavioral Medicine and Neuropsychology
  • Charlotte Collins, PhD, Chief, Adult Clinical/Behavioral Medicine
  • Paul Kettlewell, PhD, Chief, Child Clinical/Pediatric Psychology
  • Stephen J. Paolucci, MD, Chair, Division of Psychiatry

Adult clinical/behavioral medicine track

  • Laura K. Campbell, PhD
  • Charlotte A. Collins, PhD
  • John L. Gerdes, PhD
  • Julie Hergenrather, PhD, ABPP
  • Laura Maphis, PhD
  • Christina Shook, PsyD, ABPP

Child clinical/pediatric psychology track

  • Christine Chew, PhD
  • Laura Cook, PhD
  • Heather V. Hoover, PhD
  • Shelley J. Hosterman, PhD
  • Paul W. Kettlewell, PhD, ABPP
  • Tawnya J. Meadows, PhD
  • David Miller, MS, LPC
  • Nicole P. Quinlan, PhD
  • Monika Parikh, PhD
  • Jessica Sevecke, PhD

Neuropsychology track

  • Michael Driscoll, PhD
  • Randy L. Fulton, PsyD
  • Peter V. Stewart, PsyD