Sample rotation


The ambulatory/pulmonary medicine rotation will expose the fellow to a variety of specialty outpatient pulmonary medicine clinics, including multidisciplinary thoracic tumor clinic, cystic fibrosis clinic, allergy clinic, and thoracic surgery clinic. In addition, the fellow will have additional general pulmonary clinic experience. The fellow will spend several half days per week in the bronchoscopy suite, as well as thoracic operative procedures. The fellow will work closely with the attending physicians present in the respective clinics and bronchoscopy suite.

Monday Thoracic OR clinic  Pulm continuity clinic
Tuesday GF clinic Pulm clinic
Wednesday Pulm clinic Bronchoscopy
Thursday Bronchoscopy Thoracus tumor board/clinic & multidisiplinary clinic 
 Friday Allergy clinic/
Thoracic OR 
Allergy clinic