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The impact of Supreme Court decisions on the admissions process at Geisinger College of Health Sciences

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Regional campus assignments

You'll complete your clinical training at one of our six regional campuses around Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Different communities have different needs. At Geisinger, we understand that. But we also know that every community has a common need — for culturally competent physicians who listen carefully and respond thoughtfully. Whether in an urban or rural setting, we make better health easier for everyone. That’s why we rely on six campuses — from Atlantic City to Lewistown. Your regional campus will give you widely diverse clinical experiences that will encourage your professional identity formation and your understanding of health justice to make you a well-rounded practitioner.

Campus assignments

During core clinical immersion, phase two of the Total Health Curriculum, you’ll complete your clinical training at an assigned regional campus.

Unless you’ve been assigned to a campus based on receipt of a scholarship or you have an approved exception, campuses are assigned through a lottery. You’ll be notified of your assignment by email. 

Students with circumstances that justify a location assignment will have their request reviewed before the lottery.

Valid circumstances include: 

  1. Care of dependent children and/or a parent
  2. A medical condition that requires ongoing care by local medical providers

Students who qualify for exceptions will be assigned to campuses before the lottery.

The campus assignment lottery takes place just prior to MD1 orientation. Unless you’re receiving a scholarship that designates a specific campus, you may have the opportunity to change campuses if a new site is available. We reserve the right to reassign students at any time. 

If you have a major life change, you may petition the associate dean for student affairs to switch campuses. 

We’ll consider assignment changes only under extraordinary circumstances. Changing to another regional location depends on campus capacity. We’ll notify the requesting student in writing within 30 days of their request.

Our regional campuses include:

No matter your campus, you’ll feel connected to your Geisinger Commonwealth family.

Regional campus map