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All first-year Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine students are eligible to apply to The Medical Research Honors Program (MRHP). Participating students must remain in good academic standing throughout the program in order to meet the requirements and graduate with the honors distinction.


Research experience is integral to creating medical practitioners that reflect the mission and values of GCSOM. Additionally, matching into competitive residencies requires research experience, presentations and publications. Through the MRHP you will:

  • Advance fundamental scientific knowledge
  • Stand apart in competitive residency application fields
  • Refine scholarly communication through scientific writing and presentations
  • Gain a mindset of continual growth and learning


The application deadline is Friday, April 15, 2022 at noon. The application packet can be submitted on the MRHP Canvas course.

The application packet must include the following:

  • MRHP application form
  • Letter of support from research mentor
  • Student’s CV
  • Acknowledgement of mentor expectations
  • Project proposal: Project title, specific aims, hypothesis, background, preliminary data (if available)

Finding a research mentor

It is important to find a research mentor who aligns with your research interests.

Geisinger's website has a Find an Investigator tool to search for Geisinger investigators and filter by research interest.