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Anjalika Gupta, MD
Medical school: Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi, India
Residency: Internal medicine - The Wright Center
About me: "I was born in New Delhi, India, to a bureaucratic family. Growing up we had to be relocated to different cities every few years because of my father's job. This lifestyle gave me an opportunity to travel and make new friends everywhere I went. I am an outdoorsy person. I like to travel, hike and engage in drone photography."
Why addiction medicine?: "I quickly recognized the importance of addiction medicine working in primary care. It has indeed been very rewarding working in the field of addiction medicine."
Why Geisinger?: "I chose Geisinger because it offered everything I was looking for from my training like services in adult and adolescent psychiatry, intense inpatient rehab system and even obstetric services."

Matthew Kahari, MD
Medical school:
Howard University College of Medicine
Residency: Family medicine - Geisinger
About me: "My hometown is San Diego, Calif. I completed undergrad at UC Davis. I plan to pursue a career in outpatient addiction medicine. I enjoy hiking, snowboarding, working out, trying new eateries, exploring new places and making new memories with my kids."
Why addiction medicine?: "I chose addiction medicine because while working as a family medicine resident it was shockingly apparent how prescription and illicit opioids were destroying lives. I desired to be at the forefront of a growing specialty. I also wanted to establish meaningful relationships with patients and help guide them on a path towards recovery. Addiction medicine also provides a decent work-life balance that allows me to meet my obligations as a physician and a father."
Why Geisinger?: "I already had roots established in the Geisinger system and in northeast Pennsylvania. Geisinger Marworth has a strong reputation for providing excellent patient care and I knew I would receive an unrivaled education. Most importantly, the program director and fellow faculty seemed sincere and were all very approachable."

Nisar Khan, MD, MPH
Medical school:
Bannu Medical College
Residency: Preventive medicine - Yale/Griffin Hospital
About me: "I was born in Pakistan. There I attended medical school at Bannu Medical College before pursuing a residency in preventive medicine. I am interested in addiction prevention and utilize the health belief and transtheoretical models in my practice with clients. I listen to my patients with great empathy. In my free time I enjoy traveling, hiking, playing cricket, swimming and sharing meaningful conversations with friends over coffee."
Why addiction medicine?: "While I was in my preventive medicine residency, I developed an interest in preventing disease. Additionally, while completing a master’s degree in public health, I learned how social determinants contribute to addiction. These factors led me to realize the challenge and reward in pursuing addition medicine. I want to change the perception that people, including other physicians, have about individuals suffering from substance use disorders, and remove stigma."
Why Geisinger?: "Geisinger is one of the best and oldest addiction medicine programs in the U.S. It has a great diversity of patients and staff. Geisinger has a well-established outpatient and inpatient addiction model, that has been successful for many years. I also like being a part of a larger hospital system, allowing us to make health referrals for patients as needed."