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You’ll be part of a community of learners led by faculty mentors who provide the highest-caliber training and treat you as a valued colleague. And you’ll leave our program prepared to take the next step on your career path.

Glen Digwood, DO

Glen Digwood, DO
System director

Zankhana Mehta, MD 

Zankhana Mehta, MD

GMC regional department director
Fellowship program director

Program administrator (fellowship)
Monica Johnson

Administrative assistant (department)
Sandra Nye

Department operations manager
Lisa Keifer

Nurse navigator
Crystal Deiterich

Clinic technician
Ainsley Kitchen

Palliative medicine physician faculty

Palliative medicine advance practitioner faculty 

Hospice faculty

  • James Joseph, MD, Hospice medical director
  • Kristen Marcheski, RN, BSN, Area executive director for hospice
  • Robert Barner, Spiritual care counselor
  • Heather Cicini, Social worker