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Ravi Desai, PharmD

Pharmacy school: University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy, Pittsburgh, PA
Fellowship focus: Health system science/Industry relations
Why Geisinger? I chose Geisinger because of their reputation for innovative pharmacy practices, their robust data infrastructure and unique industry collaborations. That combination provided a unique and exciting opportunity for me to meaningfully contribute to the advancement of the pharmacy practice and greater healthcare. Geisinger's data infrastructure, including their vast electronic health record system, claims records databases and big data analytics platform, enabled me to access granular and accurate patient data to inform my work and drive innovation in a way not many institutions could. Additionally, their innovative pharmacy/clinical practices, with their focus on population health management and emphasis on cost efficiencies, demonstrated their commitment to improving patient outcomes, expanding access and providing cutting-edge care. Geisinger also afforded a unique level of autonomy/leadership opportunity when it came to my projects as well as a unique level of interaction and mentorship from senior leadership to help me grow toward my career goals.
Ravi Desai