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The impact of Supreme Court decisions on the admissions process at Geisinger College of Health Sciences

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The Surgical Critical Care Fellowship offers a dynamic, thorough experience for
surgeons who wish to become skilled critical care clinicians. The education and clinical experience, derived from a strong curriculum of the mature critical care
medicine and general surgery departments, is focused on multidisciplinary patient care.

Our fellowship provides the unique opportunity to learn from a diverse faculty. In addition to spending time with the critical care surgeons, the schedule includes time spent with intensivists who have neuro critical care, internal medicine and anesthesia backgrounds.

The academic rotation schedule is comprised of 13 four-week blocks and is structured as follows:

  1. Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) — 4 blocks
  2. Trauma Intensive Care Unit (TICU) — 4.5 blocks
  3. Anesthesia — 0.5 block
  4. CVICU (Cardiac/Thoracic/Vascular/Transplant) — 1 block
  5. NSICU (Neuro Critical Care Unit) — 1 block
  6. Trauma Intensive Care Unit (TICU) Nights/Echo — 1 block
  7. Emergency General Surgery (EGS) — 1 block