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Frequently asked questions

How many applicants do you accept per year?
We accept six residents per year.

Does the rural location have an impact on the number of high-risk/tertiary care patients available to residents?
No. Being recognized as a tertiary care center and with our large referral network we provide services to nearly three million patients from central and northeastern Pennsylvania. The caseload and case mix at Geisinger is vast. We perform more than 41,000 anesthetics each year.

Is research a requirement?
Yes, a research project will be required for graduation from the program. Residents are required to complete at least one quality improvement and one research project during their four years. The projects are presented during our annual research event and must be worthy of submission to a peer-reviewed journal or presented at a local or national meeting.

Are teaching conferences adequate?
Departmental conferences are held each Wednesday morning. Resident conferences are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Tuesday lectures are focused on the basics of anesthesiology and physiology preparing junior residents for advanced rotations and the BASIC Exam. Thursday lectures are focused on advanced topics and subspecialty anesthesiology. There is a six-week daily series of introductory lectures given prior to the start of clinical anesthesia. In addition, special sessions such as oral board preparation and simulation will be held on a regularly scheduled basis.

Will I get enough supervision?
During the clinical base year, residents will be more closely supervised by faculty and senior house staff. The faculty-to-resident ratio will be based on the progress of each resident, but will never be less than 1:2.