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I chose Geisinger for a multitude of reasons. I wanted to work in a non-toxic environment with excellent nursing, I wanted to raise my family in a family-friendly community, and I was impressed by the leadership in our department. I have been very pleased with my decision and I firmly believe that Geisinger is, was, and will continue to be the best place for my training.
- Paul Allison, DO

In looking for a residency program, Geisinger stood out to me for all the reasons my colleagues have already touched upon. It is a rich environment, optimal for learning and choice experiences with diversity in cases and patients. I knew I could develop here the talents and skills necessary to achieve my goals. I ultimately chose Geisinger, however, because it felt right for my family and me. The location allows for greater camaraderie and friendships outside the hospital system, with play groups for young children, excellent school districts, and hundreds of individuals close by with similar circumstances as support for a spouse or partner. In coming to visit, I immediately knew it was the place my family and I would be most happy.
- Brandon Beck, MD

My experience at Geisinger as been both pleasant and gratifying. The overall atmosphere is unique because, although we are located in rural Pennsylvania, the variety of pathology and level of care is comparable to that of an inner-city hospital. In addition, the staff is supportive of learning and provides a high level of quality training.
- Bradford Cardonell, MD

I am happy to have chosen Geisinger for my anesthesiology residency. Intern year here provided me with a sound baseline medical knowledge through time spent on internal medicine, critical care, and surgery amongst others. Now over a year into clinical anesthesia I have worked closely with incredibly knowledgeable attending physicians who enjoy teaching and encourage utilization of the most modern techniques and technologies. This, in addition to significant dedicated educational time, has made ascension up the CA-1 learning curve relatively simple. There is plenty of opportunity for research and quality improvement projects as well. Studying anesthesiology at Geisinger has strengthened my clinical acumen and improved my efficiency, while adequately preparing me for the ABA board exams and ultimately paving the way for a successful career in anesthesiology.
- Matthew Corriveau, MD

Geisinger promotes an excellent environment that fosters learning and individual growth as a resident. With its diverse patient population and high acuity of cases, Geisinger offers a variety of learning opportunities.
- Mehreen Iqbal, MD

Centered in a rural milieu with its own unique lifestyle offerings, Geisinger Medical Center coalesces the scholarship of a superb academic institution with the compassion of a community based hospital into a tertiary care facility that empowers residents to not only excel intellectually and interpersonally, but to emerge as adept, benevolent clinicians. I am excited to be a part of this incipient program as it flourishes, where my colleagues and I can continue to "make it the best."
- Michael Dorbad, DO

My experience at Geisinger Medical Center has been very positive. The experiences I have had thus far have been rewarding and have provided plenty of opportunities to learn and grow as a physician. I have been exposed to a wide variety of pathology that will prepare me for a successful career in anesthesia. The teaching faculty here at GMC on all services are excited about teaching and preparing the upcoming generation of excellent physicians.
- Brandon Fordham, DO

My integration to the Geisinger Anesthesiology Residency has been a serendipitous experience. We're a new program, but our preceptors are not new to resident education. It is apparent that our program chair, director, and core faculty understand the delicate balance of direct oversight and independent practice in our clinical training. This understanding has lead to a competent progression to autonomy in the operating rooms and perioperative settings. Our resident education consists of resident-lead morning report, traditional weekly lectures, and online tutorials. This educational format caters to all facets of learning styles. Our attendings effectively help us translate theoretical learning to practical application, and by extension, best practices for patient care. Our case load is diverse and extensive. Although we do a significant amount of operative cases and other practices of anesthesia, our work hours are protected and it is strikingly obvious that our program exists for the sake of resident education and optimal patient care. I am confident that Geisinger's approach to anesthesia residency not only sets us apart from other programs, but also sets us on the forefront of anesthesia residency education.
- David Fryzel, MD

During medical school I knew I liked the clinical volume seen at community hospitals, but knew I wanted to be involved in research usually seen in academic centers. It's difficult to find a program that incorporates both these aspects well and it was Geisinger's ability to combine the two that helped me decide on the program. The faculty and institution are both vested in training adept physicians and creating an environment to successfully do so. We meet with our program director regularly and are involved in discussions on many of the evolving aspects of our training.
- Christopher Lam, MD

Geisinger Medical Center provides me the opportunity to experience challenging patient cases along with a strong support system within the anesthesiology department, all of these qualities made this program appealing to me. During my first year I was able to improve on my clinical judgment and communication skills through direct patient care, didactics, and simulations within the wide variety of rotations offered. I believe the program will provide me a solid foundation for my career in anesthesiology.
- Shilpi Seth, MD

Geisinger's rural setting and tertiary care capabilities are a unique combination. The exposure to vast diversity of patient population and clinical pathology in combination with an incredibly stable and resourceful healthcare system are ultimately what led me to choose Geisinger. Teaching faculty are engaged and committed, residents are challenged but also respected, and the numerous clinical and academic opportunities available to residents make this center an excellent place to train.
- Weston Shertzer, DO

Geisinger has a good balance of excellent didactics, comprehensive education and rich experience in handling a diverse patient population. The rotation selection during our intern year was designed to build a solid base for advanced anesthesia training. We have great support from faculty and upper-level residents who are always there to help and teach. I enjoy myself both personally and professionally and look forward to the next two years.
- Aram Shahinyan, MD

As a learner and caretaker, my experience at Geisinger has been enjoyable and educational. I am impressed by the unique mix of community-oriented medical care and academic medicine, high degree of resident autonomy, diverse patient populations, broad range of pathologies, and excellent mentoring from faculties. In addition to the rich learning atmosphere, the friendly and supportive collegiality at Geisinger makes me feel like part of a family.
- Kevin Wong, DO

Being a member of the anesthesiology family at Geisinger has provided me with ample support for my training. Geisinger provides exceptional exposure and a wide variety of cases which allows for a very strong residency program. Being able to work with people who are passionate about their fields, enjoy teaching and provide a supportive learning environment have made my residency training at Geisinger both educational and enjoyable.
- Kerolos Yousef, DO