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Interns attend a series of formal seminars and case conferences designed to complement the clinical components of the program. Interns across all tracks will attend some seminars together, as the content will be meaningful to all learners at this stage of development and map onto certain American Psychological Association (APA) profession-wide competencies focusing on professional development and research. Other seminars are designed to provide more in-depth, track-specific training. Content areas generally include:

  • Professional development
  • Ethical issues
  • Cultural and individual factors
  • Evidence based practice
  • Supervision
  • Research
  • Clinical skills training
  • Clinical health psychology/integrated care for adult vs. pediatric populations

Interns will also attend weekly case conference, in which interns and faculty present and discuss challenging cases in a group supervision format.

Clinical assignments permitting, interns attend weekly Psychiatry Grands Rounds, which include presentations by Geisinger faculty and external speakers. Interns are also encouraged to attend conferences sponsored by other medical center departments as their schedules allow. Interns are expected to prepare and deliver a presentation during Psychiatry Grand Rounds or another Geisinger-sponsored educational event approved by the internship training directors.