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Geisinger is an equal opportunity employer, and Geisinger has long recognized the value of – and embraced – diversity. We at Geisinger know that diversity encompasses much more than gender, race and ethnic background. It includes cultural beliefs, religion, sexual orientation, age, size and physical and mental ability. It also includes social and economic status that impact health. All these factors may influence individuals’ expectations, needs and preferences for their own health practices and the care we offer.

We are proud to announce that seven Geisinger hospitals earned designations in the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s 2019 LGBTQ Healthcare Equality Index. Two locations, including Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, Pa., received the “Leader” designation, the highest possible, with five others receiving “Top Performer” honors.

The internship leaders and faculty are committed to creating and maintain an environment that is inclusive, respectful of and sensitive to individual and cultural differences. The continuous development of cultural competence is a major part of the learning process for interns and faculty alike and is a thread that runs throughout didactic seminars, supervision, clinical practice and the way in which we interact with each other on a daily basis.

Our program works closely with Diversity & Inclusion to ensure we are following best practices in the teaching and practice of culturally competent care. Please review Diversity & Inclusion’s webpage for additional information about Geisinger’s commitment to supporting diverse patients, members and learners.