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Frequently asked questions

As residents, do we have the opportunity to teach?
Yes. Each month, several rotators join our department, either from our primary care residencies or regional medical schools. The dermatology residents interact extensively with these rotators.

Are all clinical rotations spent in Geisinger dermatology clinic?

Yes. Continuity of care receives strong emphasis in our program. Upper level residents will team with an attending a few times annually in an off-site Geisinger clinic to gain clinical experience resembling private practice, and expansion of training in cosmetic dermatologic surgery is offered in our service line clinics.

Is clinical research available?

Available, encouraged, and expected! Numerous opportunities exist for publications and presentations, and one day per week is designated as an independent "study-research" day for each resident. Additionally, a clinical research rotation is offered to second year residents.

Will I have a sufficient surgical experience?

Absolutely. We have three Mohs surgeons with rotations each year for each resident, in addition to on-going surgical clinics and monthly surgery club.

What specialty clinics are available in this program?

We have specialty clinics in pediatric dermatology, wound management, melanoma and surgical dermatology. Experience with laser and cosmetic procedures occurs with the clinical and surgical rotations.