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Program director's message

Welcome. We are proud of our resident educational curriculum. As program director, I make it my job to ensure the highest quality education while simultaneously providing the best personalized care for our patients. We have a faculty dedicated to teaching a strong didactic program across the breadth of dermatology.

We focus on continuity of care. You will follow your patients through three years of residency, focusing on the long term management of patients and their illnesses. Almost all of your training happens in Danville, allowing for an emphasis on continuity and didactics.

Several qualities set our program apart:

From your first day in clinic, you will see your own patients and perform your own biopsies and surgeries. You'll follow your patients for the duration of your residency. Shadowing is purposely kept to a minimum. We believe the best way to learn is "by doing." Our goal is to train our residents to be capable, comfortable, well-rounded clinicians, able to take care of adult and pediatric patients, perform cutaneous surgery, and understand the concepts of continuing medical education.

Focus on teaching and education
We have more than a dozen dedicated teaching faculty on the Danville campus. Each morning, one or more faculty members provide guidance and expertise on a topic at our didactic conference. Our conferences are on diverse topics, reflecting the clinical interests of the faculty: general dermatology, pediatric dermatology, dermatologic surgery, cosmetics, inpatient dermatology, and dermatopathology.

Breadth of education
Despite our rural location, you will care for patients with a diversity of pathology - including genetic disorders, neoplasia, connective tissue disease, infections, and cosmetic needs. We have numerous faculty members with subspecialty training, including eight dermatopathologists, four dermatologic surgeons, and two pediatric dermatologists - you will get abundant exposure to each of these fields. Opportunities for fellowships in Mohs and dermatopathology are also available on site.

Danville is a unique and wonderful place to train. Opportunities for outdoor recreation are endless, the cost of living is low, and traffic is nonexistent. In addition, we are close enough to Philadelphia, New York City, and Washington, D.C., to make weekend getaways easy. See the testimonials from our graduates below for more.

We have an amazing group of bright, "great to work with" residents. We invite you to visit our campus or contact us with any questions you might have about Geisinger Dermatology.

Eric Hossler, MD, FAAD
Program Director, Dermatology

Resident testimonials

I’m very happy with my experience at Geisinger for dermatology residency. I felt well prepared to be a clinician and for boards afterwards. Some of the aspects that drew me to this program are the resident continuity clinic, strong faculty-led didactics, ample educational conference opportunities and a caring group of faculty and mentors. This residency provides well-rounded training with a very caring group of people, and I feel confident and prepared to go out into practice.The town is a charming, quaint, tight-knit community with lots of hidden gems. It is a beautiful view every day being surrounded by the mountains. The short drive to other cities like NYC and Philadelphia also gives a lot of opportunities for a variety of weekend trips.
- Jaqueline Graham, Derm 2020

Great training with a great group of people! The factors that attracted me to Geisinger dermatology are the kind and caring faculty, faculty-led didactics and continuity clinic. Geisinger dermatology is a strong program with excellent derm path and surgical training. Danville is a small, quaint area with nearby hidden gems. There is a lot to do outdoors, such as hiking, kayaking, running, etc.  I enjoyed being close to nearby cities like NYC, Philadelphia and Washington D.C., as well as the Finger Lakes area. There are also a lot of great markets and seasonal festivities. I really enjoyed my time in Danville and will miss it!
- Kelley Ramsauer, Derm 2020

My training at Geisinger far exceeded my already high expectations of the program. Not only have previous residents helped to create numerous succinct study guides, the majority of lectures are given by attendings with years of clinical experience. I was impressed at the organized curriculum that Geisinger used, which is important in a specialty that requires so much reading. The attendings are knowledgeable, always approachable and know the importance of allowing for resident autonomy. Compared to other programs, I think the hands on surgical training and path training are unparalleled. My training not only prepared me for the boards but also gave me confidence from day one out of training.
- Faith Whalen, Derm 2013, Mohs 2014

All-inclusive. Geisinger dermatology provides great preparation for the real world. I feel my training was second to none in all aspects of dermatology including medical dermatology, surgical dermatology, cosmetics, laser treatments, pediatric dermatology, wound care, and dermatopathology. I feel the experiences at grand rounds at Geisinger, Penn State and the University of Pennsylvania were invaluable.
- Lindsey Dohse, Derm 2010, Dermpath 2011

If you are looking for excellent clinical training, an environment that encourages mentorship and a family atmosphere, Geisinger Dermatology is home!
- Russ Akin, Mohs fellow, 2010

There is no place better to train! It has been such a privilege to learn and work here at Geisinger. Every day you are surrounded by very accomplished and intelligent individuals who offer more than supreme academics but also invaluable life lessons.
- Lisa Pfingstler, Derm 2015

Yes, I absolutely would repeat training at Geisinger again. It was an opportunity to interact closely with all member of the department, I felt like my education was the first priority and the staff were all very responsive and kind. I came away from that year with a zest for medicine and patient care that carries on to this day.
- Nate Hanson, Mohs Fellow, 2009

Absolutely. My attending physicians were phenomenally knowledgeable, but also approachable and sincerely interested in teaching. My co-residents were an ongoing source of stimulation, motivation, and collaboration. Geisinger Dermatology has created an exceptional environment of excellence, enthusiasm, and mutual encouragement.
- Morgan Wilson, Derm 2009, Dermpath 2010

Danville has a small town feel set with a background of beautiful mountains and fields. There are many trails to explore and places to hike. And if one should desire there is access to the big city.
- Lauren Taglia, Derm 2015

Rural, beautiful, charming, and welcoming. It is a great environment to focus on your training. What it lacks in social and cultural enrichment are easily accessed.
- Chad Thomas, Derm 2005, Mohs 2006