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Geisinger Life Flight

The Geisinger Life Flight program was started in 1981 with a single airbase located on campus at Geisinger Medical Center. Since that time, we have grown to six air bases, nine aircraft and two critical care ground trucks. Yearly, we do over 3,500 patient transports. The program is entirely Geisinger owned and operated under our own part 135 FAA certificate. We are one of a handful of residency programs that truly incorporate the emergency medicine residents into Life Flight as part of the flight team. You will be issued your own flight suit during intern orientation. During your intern year, you will do two flight shifts per week in your emergency medical services (EMS)/Life Flight block. As an upper level, you will be scheduled regularly for flight shifts during your emergency department (ED) blocks. You will earn your status as a medical command physician in Pennsylvania at the end of your intern year. This gives you the opportunity to help guide the crews in the care of the patients you are treating. The Life Flight program does both inter-facility as well as scene calls. Whether landing on a hospital roof or the interstate, this opportunity during your residency gives you an invaluable experience in the prehospital critical care environment.

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