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Your curriculum is customized to your individual interests and career aspirations. Our program is part of an integrated healthcare system offering a vast variety of opportunities in both acute care and ambulatory care.

PGY1 core learning experiences 

  • Ambulatory care
  • Cardiology*
  • Critical care medicine*
  • Infectious diseases*
  • Internal medicine*
  • Nephrology
  • Orientation
  • Pediatrics

PGY1 elective learning experiences

Core and elective learning experiences are traditionally four weeks in length, with the exception of orientation, which is six weeks long.

PGY1 longitudinal learning experiences

  • Advancing practice and improving patient care 
  • Leadership and management 
  • Major research project 
  • Self-assessment and professional performance improvement 
  • Staffing 

PGY1 completion requirements

PGY2 core learning experiences

  • Acute Care Executive
  • Acute Care Operations
  • Ambulatory Care Executive
  • Ambulatory Distribution Services Leadership
  • Formulary & Procurement Management
  • Health Plan Administration
  • Medication Therapy Disease Management (MTDM) Leadership
  • Operations and Compliance Management
  • Orientation
  • Pharmacy Cancer Services: Management & Operations

PGY2 longitudinal learning experiences

  • HSPAL Quality, Safety, and Performance Improvement
  • Resident Management/Chief Resident
  • Resident Research Project
  • Staffing and Manager On-Call

Core and elective learning experiences are traditionally four weeks in length.