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The Geisinger Medical Physics Residency is a CAMPEP-approved, two-year program which is primarily objective based. Residents are given an outline of objectives expected to be completed within the first and second years of the program. Within the objectives are various competency evaluations to ensure residents are learning and demonstrating a sufficient level of understanding of related topics. Staff physicists will engage and evaluate residents in monthly reviews and annual mock oral exams covering a broad range of radiation oncology physics areas.

Each year, residents will participate in a rotation at satellite radiation oncology clinics. Throughout the program, staff physicists, physicians and dosimetrists will be available for questions and are committed to teaching and directing residents.

Shared among all physics staff, the primary goal of the residency program is to provide strong clinically based therapeutic radiological training for the purposes of producing clinically relevant and competent physicists. The appropriate level of training is ultimately demonstrated by successful completion of ABR certification.