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Continuity clinic and longitudinal electives

  • We do our schedule on a weekly basis with every week starting on Wednesday for PGY1 residents and Tuesdays for PGY2-4 residents.
  • Continuity clinic occurs every five weeks during PGY2-4 years.
  • Clinics are held on Thursday (all day), Friday (morning only) and Monday (all day).
  • Friday continuity clinic is reserved for telemedicine visits. This gives residents the opportunity to acquire and practice the necessary skills for telemedicine encounters.
  • Continuity clinic slots for new patients are subspecialty slots for neuromuscular, epilepsy, cognitive, movement and neuro-immunology. Tuesday and Wednesday of every continuity clinic week are dedicated to longitudinal electives of the resident’s choice. This model allows early exposure to multiple different subspecialties to expand clinical skills and help residents decide on fellowship.
  • Residents also have weekly subspecialty electives with no continuity clinic.

Click here to see a sample schedule.