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Didactic curriculum

Residents receive five hours of formal didactics each week.

  • Friday, 12 – 3 p.m.: Block didactics with faculty-led lecture series
  • Wednesday, 12 – 1 p.m.: Departmental and resident-led conferences – Grand Rounds, Journal Club, M&M, neuroradiology
  • Thursday 7 – 8 a.m.: Morning Report

Additional didactic sessions include:

  • Simulations: Neurologic emergencies, neuro-ophthalmology, delivering bad news, shared decision-making, disclosure of error, domestic violence, end of life goals
  • Certifications: Emergency neurological life support (ENLS) and brain death certifications
  • Subspecialty conferences: Epilepsy conference, neurophysiology case conference, stroke conference, Tumor Board conference, aging brain conference
  • Wellness

Resident presentation requirements

As a program that emphasizes evidence-based medicine and aims to develop education-related skills in residents, we give learners the opportunity to practice these skills with faculty mentoring.

  • PGY4s present one departmental Grand Rounds.
  • PGY2s, PGY3s and PGY4s present one journal club article per year.
  • PGY2s are paired with PGY4s to present one M&M conference per year.
  • All residents are paired with radiology residents to present a case at neuro-radiology conference two-three times per year.
  • PGY3s present one neuropsychology conference per year.
  • Residents on night float present a case of your choice in morning report.