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Resident experiences

"I am very happy I chose Geisinger to complete my neurology residency. The faculty are excited to teach. My co-residents are welcoming, supportive and willing to help with any questions. As an intern, you spend a lot of time on neurology, so you always feel connected and your time on medicine is extremely beneficial. You will find that Geisinger provides a world-class education while not being one of those toxic, super-competitive environments. Across the board, my attendings have been excellent doctors who want to see you do well and are willing to teach when you don't know the answer to a question."
- PGY1

"I am glad to have the opportunity to continue my training at Geisinger Neurology. I feel that the whole team is focused on providing excellent patient care, encourages a collegial working environment and values high quality education."
- PGY2

"Geisinger had been my top choice since the time I interviewed here for my neurology residency. There were a number of factors that played a key role including the state-of-the-art hospital, electronic health records and the friendly and congenial environment of the program. The faculty are very friendly, always available for your questions, concerns and supervision. There is also great emphasis on resident education and well-being. The boot camp that is a didactic block during PGY2 and PGY4 is really beneficial for RITE and boards preparation. The area around Geisinger is also family-centered with some of the best school districts in Pennsylvania along with a number of outdoor activities including hiking, biking and kayaking."
- PGY2

"I can honestly say that I am glad I chose this program for residency. Geisinger is the perfect atmosphere to learn. The faculty are superb, teaching frequently and are always available. They genuinely care about the patients and the residents. The community is great and the area is very laid back. I have heard outside residents and physicians comment on how our program is more like a family than a residency program. I agree with this statement, we do many things together and care about each other’s well-being."
- PGY3 

"Work among friends, learn from great teachers."
- PGY4

"As an intern there is plenty of interaction with the rest of the neurology residents, thus keeping us informed and integrated in the program. All of the attendings are excited to have us in the program and want to work with us in becoming neurologists. Geisinger is very focused on the education of residents, so the attendings in all programs foster learning atmospheres that are laid back and informative. Having a wife and several children, this program has been very accommodating as well. My children are welcome at many events and Geisinger has an auxiliary program through which families of residents do fun things together. The area is wonderful and prices for food, gas and housing are decent as well. Overall I am very excited about my decision to come here."
- PGY3