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Frequently asked questions

What are you looking for in applicants?
Applicants should be honest, hard-working, self-motivated and intelligent students who are prepared to be treated as colleagues and will accept gradually increasing responsibility for excellent patient care in a challenging environment of clinical and surgical training.

What are the unique aspects of your program?
As the only tertiary care hospital within a 70+ mile radius in beautiful Central Pennsylvania, the Department of Ophthalmology boasts a large and clinically diverse patient population, with clinical and surgical training second to none. Unique aspects include:

  • Full-time staff, covering all the sub-specialties of ophthalmology
  • All clinical and surgical training occurs on site, with no rotations off-site or at a VA needed to support the program.
  • High surgical volume
  • Continuity of care throughout the residency program
  • Basic science course at the nationally renowned Lancaster Course at Colby College, Me., and rotation in ocular pathology at Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia
  • Solid financial base and endowment fund earmarked to support residency program and research

What are some useful links related to your program?