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Resident research

Geisinger Musculoskeletal Institute Research Team

As a resident, you’ll be encouraged to take advantage of the tremendous research opportunities and research support offered through the devoted MSK research team. Assistance is available for developing ideas, obtaining IRB approval, pursuing funding, statistical analysis and submitting final papers to national meetings and peer-reviewed journals.

In addition to basic science and clinical research, the research team has been driving groundbreaking epidemiologic and outcomes-based research in the field of orthopaedic surgery. Research is further facilitated through the funding of three full-time research fellows in orthopaedic upper extremity research, orthopaedic trauma and adult reconstruction.

You’ll be encouraged to complete a junior project (case report or case series) and a senior project (cohort study or clinical trial). Generous financial support for resident travel to local and national presentations is provided from departmental funds and the office of Graduate Medical Education.

Additional research resources

  • An EMR pairing with Epic dating back nearly 20 years, providing extensive clinical data
  • A systemwide MyCode® genomics database with access to complete genomic sequencing of over 100,000 patients
  • Trauma database dating back to 2004
  • Standard collection of patient-reported outcome measures collected via OBERD platform in MSK clinics
  • Cost and utilization data available through Geisinger’s integrated health system and health plan

Key personnel

  • Chris Grandizio, DO, upper extremity research
  • Daniel Horwitz, MD, trauma research
  • Mark Seeley, MD, pediatric research

Additional MSKI research team

  • Kenneth Sams, senior research coordinator
  • Idorenyin F. Udoeyo, statistician
  • Sarah Richards, research coordinator
  • Emilee Barton, research coordinator
  • Daniel Hayes, research assistant
  • Erica Krebs, research assistant

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  • Gehrman MD, Pavis E, Klena JC, Grandizio LC. Gender Differences Between Hand Surgery Fellowship Faculty and Fellows: An Analysis of Post-Graduate Training Programs.
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  • Gehrman MD, Graham J, Klena JC, Grandizio LC. The Ability of Upper-Extremity Surgeons to Predict Patient’s Coping Skills.
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  • Gehrman MD, Levin JM, Noonan KJ, Towles JD, Tueting JL. Optimal Method for Rerouting the Extensor Pollicis Longus Tendon to Improve Thumb Abduction: A Cadaveric Analysis.
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  • Fanelli MG, Sanchez D, Ehrlich B, Graham J, Seeley M. “Using Fracture Asymmetry as a Predictor in the Treatment of Pediatric Lateral Condyle Fractures.” 
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  • Nester, J; Torino, D; Seeley, M. Incidence of Reoperation Rate in Children and Adolescents after Primary ACL Reconstruction.
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    • Eastern Orthopaedic Association Annual Meeting 2019, Rapid Fire Presentation.
  • Torino, D; Kolessar, D; Damsgaard, C. Investigating tibial component implant-cement failure in the Attune Total Knee Arthroplasty system.                  
    • Presented at OREF NYU Regional Research Symposium. 
  • Chorney M, Sylvestre D, Seeley M. Medial Epicondyle Nonunions in Children: Case Report With Overview and Management. J Am Acad Orthop Surg Glob Res Rev. 2019;3(2):e046. Published 2019 Feb 13. doi:10.5435/JAAOSGlobal-D-18-00046
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  • Foster B, Graham J, Dwyer CL. Patient Preference Ranking Tool for Anesthesia Options in Elective Hand Surgery.
    • American Association for Surgery of the Hand Annual Meeting 2020.

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