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Core curriculum lectures
The daily lecture series rotates through a two year cycle. The general pediatric faculty, pediatric subspecialists and pediatric surgeons present the series. The core curriculum focuses on what pediatric residents must and should know to be competent general pediatricians. The lecture series is designed around the content specifications of the American Board of Pediatrics.

Morning report
The pediatric chief resident conducts daily 7:30 a.m. case presentation conference, with the assistance of junior and senior resident and faculty. Interesting or unusual case presentations are presented with formulation of differential diagnoses followed by synopsis and discussion of the disease entity.

Journal club

Journal club includes eleven sessions per year with a formal curriculum and designated faculty moderators. In July of each year there is an introductory session that reviews the JAMA guidelines for evidence based medicine. Through out the year sessions are held both on campus as well as at the homes of attending physicians. The focus is an evidence-based journal club with discussion of systematic reviews and original research.

Morbidity & mortality review

Morbidity & mortality review occurs every other month with resident staff, pediatric faculty and pathologists in attendance.