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The department of pediatrics consists of more than 70 board certified pediatricians and subspecialists, in addition to more than 30 medical faculty members with joint appointments in other disciplines including surgery, anesthesia, dentistry, psychology, pathology, and radiology. The hospital-based practice is further complemented by an extensive network of community pediatricians who practice within the Geisinger network throughout the surrounding counties.

Subspecialty sections add to the diversity of the extensive general pediatric practice. These subspecialty sections include adolescent medicine, allergy, cardiology, infectious disease, endocrinology, nephrology, hematology/oncology, immunology, gastroenterology and nutrition, critical care, neonatology, neurology, dermatology, neurodevelopmental pediatrics, rheumatology, pediatric emergency medicine and pulmonology.

Like our faculty, our pediatric residents choose to come to Geisinger because of the unique experience that it offers - a chance to practice academic primary and tertiary care pediatrics in a rural setting. Many of our residents enter into the field of primary care, some stay in the area, while other graduates enter into subspecialty training to pursue careers in academic medicine. These graduates have been accepted to fellowships through the country in institutions such as Boston Children's Hospital, Baylor College of Medicine, Duke University, Massachusetts General Hospital, Medical College of Virginia, Rainbow Babies and many others.

Medical students from Temple University and Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine rotate through our hospital and clinics as part of their core pediatric rotation. In addition, numerous students from other institutions also choose to do electives here.

Program leadership

Paul Bellino, MD, Program Director
Kathryn DeHart, MD, Associate Program Director
Sarah Marks, MD, Associate Program Director
Bianca Lavoile, MD, Chief Resident
Bailey Young, DO, Chief Resident
MaryAnne Wesner, Program Administrator  


Adolescent medicine
Sergio Buzzini, MD


Puneet Bajaj, MD
Michael Facktor, MD
Jaison Jose, DO
Yoon Kim, DO
Timothy McCloskey, MD


Mark Robbins, MD
Jan Schwartz, MD


Fareed Ahmad, MD
David Connuck, MD
Avnit Golten, MD
Karen Lurito, MD
Robert Mangano, MD
Shira Shore, MD

Child abuse
Paul Bellino, MD
Pat Bruno, MD

Critical care
Richard Lambert, MD
Frank Lodeserto, MD
Frank Maffei, MD
David McKinley, MD
Daniel Rogers, MD
Elizabeth Scarlett, MD
John Sullivan, MD
Robert Tamburro, MD
Tessy Thomas, DO
Ronald Wong, DO

Howard Pride, MD

Naghma Aijaz, MD
Mushtaq Godin, MD
Somashekhar Rachaiah, MD


Tavleen Bhatia, MD
Dean Richard Focht, MD
Benjamin Kuhn, DO
Brian Maksimak, DO
Martin Maksimak, MD
Mahmoud Sabri, MD
Eduardo Tron, MD

General pediatrics

Stacey Cummings, MD
Kathryn DeHart, MD
Nancy Grauso-Eby, DO
Michal Maksimak, MD
Michele Neff-Bulger, DO
Matthew Nelson, DO
Ashley Shamansky, DO
Emily Szmal, DO

Bonnie Salbert, DO
Andrea Seeley, MD

Michal Miller, MD
Jagadeesh Ramdas, MD
Girmay Tekle-Yohannes, MD


Paul Bellino, MD
Jessica Carney, DO
Holly Cimprich, DO
Jeanette Epstein, MD
Sarah Marks, MD
Michaelyn Notz, DO
Andrew Peckham, MD
Colleen Walsh, DO

Infectious disease
Swathi Gowtham, MD
Michael Ryan, DO
Jennifer Vodzak, MD

Maternal and fetal medicine
Jay Bringman, MD
Alfred Neubert, MD
Awathif MacKeen, MD
Corinna Muller, DO
Michael Paglia, MD

Amanda Arsenault, MD
James Cook, MD
Edward Everett, DO
Ray Hayes, DO
Lauren Johnson, MD
Graciela Rabri, MD
Anne Russo, MD
Eileen Tengco, DO

David Kenagy, MD
Batoule Majed, MD

Thomas Challman, MD
Scott Myers, MD

Jill Gotoff, MD
Christine Heath, MD
Henry Maguire, MD
AnneMarie Morse, DO
Laufey Yr Sigurdardottir, MD
Glenn Stayer, MD
Diane Stine, MD
Yuliya Zinger, MD

Nannette Refice, MD
Thomas Wilson, MD

David Andreychik, MD
William Mirenda, MD
Gregroy Fanelli, MD
Daniel Feldman, MD
Megan Fernandez, MD
John Parenti, MD
Mark Seeley, MD

J. Scott Green, MD
Ed Wood, MD

Pediatric surgery

Christopher Coppola, MD
Alfred Kennedy, MD
Ronald Scorpio, MD

Christine Chew, PhD
Heather Hoover, PhD
Paul Kettlewell, PhD
Nicole Quinlan, PhD
Bradley Wilson, PhD

Robert Kinsey, MD
Vasanthi Pugazhendhi, MD
Jonathan Spahr, MD
Catherine Wubbel, MD

Radiology (pediatric)
Faruq Mahmud, MD
Mary Strickland, MD
Cathy Woomert, MD
George Wu, MD

Emily Brunner, DO
Thomas Hahn, MD

Sports medicine
Sergio Buzzini, MD
Matthew McElroy, MD