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Contact Denise Keyser or Alicia Laskowski with any suggested revisions to the Resident/Fellow Wellness website.

Wellness didactics


 Laura Campbell, PhD  Perfectionistic and otherwise self-defeatist/maladaptive thinking  1 hour  Angela Dawson (Angie) 
 Laura Campbell, PhD  Mindfulness  1 hour  Angela Dawson (Angie)
 Wendy Marshall, HR Services  Geisinger employee benefits, retirement
 1 hour  Sandra Lehr
 Kelly Baldwin, MD
 Lauren DiMarino, DO
 Dan Bucaloiu, MD
 Wellness overview and Geisinger resources (Can be a combined faculty and resident lecture)  1 hour  Margarita Menapace
 Kelly Baldwin, MD  Fatigue mitigation  1 hour  Maggie Keener
 Kelly Baldwin, MD  Outward mindset training
 3-hour workshop
 Maggie Keener
 Kelly Baldwin, MD  Chief resident workshop - wellbeing, burnout, suicide, work/life balance
 4 hours
 Maggie Keener
 Susannah Kisvarday, MD  Time management, wheel of life, mindfulness 
 1 hour  Alicia Laskowski
 Lauren DiMarino, DO  Critical incidence stress debriefing  1 hour  Denise Keyser
 Robert Gerstman, DO
 Depression and Suicide Prevention  1 hour  LeeAnn Boggs
 Thomas Davis
 Resilience and grit  1 hour  Alicia Laskowski
 Susannah Kisvarday, MD  Physical fitness, nutrition & sleep  1 hour  Alicia Laskowski
 Karen Korzick, MD, MA  Personal life, family debt
 1 hour  
 Andrei Nemoianu, MD  Compassion fatigue
 1 hour  
 Karen Korzick, MD, MA  Administrative efficiency  1 hour  
 Margarita Menapace  What a coordinator is for and first-line issues. The stress chair  1 hour  
 Christopher Whitmoyer  Skills for the struggling/depressed resident - how to be a good resident  1 hour  
 Emily Fiocchi, PTA, CYI  Self-care (mentally) and a "re- fresher" / "how to" in mindfulness to keep calm in stressful situations  1 hour  

Contact Margarita Menapace,, for more information regarding our wellness curriculum or assistance with scheduling a lecture.