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Career services

MD program

Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine’s career curriculum is embedded within the professional identity formation competency content and embodies our mission and values. It relies on current career development theories and models to assist students in their professional identity formation, using the “Careers in Medicine” (CiM) model to support all phases of the career decision-making process for students and offers training and development to prepare faculty and career advisors for their roles.

The career advising system ensures that students have the knowledge, support and resources necessary to make informed decisions. The combination of the centrally provided content and individual processing opportunities allows for multiple touch points with students throughout their medical careers.

Medical students can expect the following outcomes from active participation in the career-planning process:

  • Development and articulation of professional identity in an interpersonal context
  • An understanding of the important steps necessary toward students’ journey of self-authorship and engagement in continual self-assessment and reflection to identify their skills, abilities and interests in the selection of a medical specialty
  • Development of a self-directed career and resource identification plan
  • Enhancement of interpersonal communication skills through the development of a competitive curriculum vitae, personal statement and participation in mock interviews
  • Further development of professional skills necessary to effectively interact with others
  • Demonstration of professional behavior consistent with valuing difference in all settings
  • Demonstration of skills in reflection through writing and discussion
  • Integration of content knowledge from other courses

Career planning resources

  • Geisinger Commonwealth use the CiM program sponsored by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). This program is designed to assist medical students with specialty selection and career planning using a well-established decision-making process.

Additional resources

  • Professional identity formation sessions integrated into the curriculum
  • Academic advisor/team meetings
  • Student affairs career coach
  • Associate dean of student affairs
  • Residency planning team
  • Assistant specialty chairs
  • Regional assistant deans
  • Regional education coordinators
  • Faculty preceptors
  • Program directors
  • “Find Your Specialty” series
  • Club/organization events
  • Upper-class students
  • Alumni

For more information on career planning, contact Julia Kolcharno, MA, director of student development, academic advising and career engagement, via email or by phone at 570-504-9635.

MBS program

The School of Graduate Education supports students as they develop future educational and career goals in healthcare delivery, biomedical research and industry. Opportunities for networking, corporate and laboratory tours, and professional shadowing are offered in a variety of settings. Students are assisted as they develop their curriculum vitae, their personal statements, their professional and medical school applications and as they prepare for professional and educational interviews.

The School of Graduate Education coaches, in collaboration with the year-long professional development course assists students in their development of a professional development portfolio. Master of Biomedical Sciences students can expect the following outcomes from active participation in the program:

  • Engagement within Geisinger, the local and regional community
  • Career exploration and professional development opportunities
  • Participation in a variety of experiences to enhance communication, service, leadership and problem-solving skills, as well as cultural competencies