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Clubs & organizations

Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine recognizes the contributions of student clubs and organizations that enhance the quality of student life and the college community. Clubs and organizations offer students the opportunity to participate in academic, cultural, social and athletic activities that are consistent with the development of knowledge, skills, values and attitudes expected from healthcare professionals. Numerous standing clubs currently exist; however, the Office of Student Affairs is always interested in meeting student needs and works collaboratively with the Medical Student Council, the governing board, to welcome suggestions for starting new clubs.

Activities and functions of student clubs and organizations are considered college activities and therefore must:

  • Be registered with the Medical Student Council and approved by the Office of Student Affairs.
  • Function in an organized manner consistent with the values, identity and mission of Geisinger Commonwealth.
  • Comply with policies and procedures of the college.
  • Be open to all students currently enrolled at Geisinger Commonwealth.
  • Complete at least one service project per academic year.
  • Have at least 10 enrolled students as members.


Clubs and organizations are an integral part of student life as they reach the diverse interests of both medical students and master's students.

View listing of clubs & organizations at Geisinger Commonwealth.

Club resources

Poster & publicity policy

All signs and posters must be approved and stamped by the Office of Student Affairs. Posters are not to be hung on painted walls or doors, place all posters on the tile or windows. Your cooperation in removing outdated signs is appreciated.

News media
The Marketing & Communications Department maintains an active professional relationship with local, regional and national media outlets including newspapers, television, radio and online sources.

For inquiries on media opportunities, contact the Marketing & Communications Department via email or phone 570-504-9071.