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Clubs and organizations

Clubs & organizations

Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine recognizes the contributions of student clubs and organizations that enhance the quality of student life and the college community. Clubs and organizations offer students the opportunity to participate in academic, cultural, social and athletic activities that are consistent with the development of knowledge, skills, values and attitudes expected from healthcare professionals. Numerous standing clubs currently exist; however, the Office of Student Affairs is always interested in meeting student needs and welcomes suggestions for starting new clubs.

Activities and functions of student clubs and organizations are considered college activities and therefore must:

  • Be registered with and approved by the Office of Student Affairs.
  • Function in an organized manner consistent with the values, identity and mission of Geisinger Commonwealth.
  • Comply with policies and procedures of the college.
  • Be open to all students currently enrolled at Geisinger Commonwealth.
  • Complete at least one service project per academic year.
  • Have at least 10 enrolled students as members.


Clubs and organizations are an integral part of student life as they reach the diverse interests of both medical students and master's students.

View listing of clubs & organizations at Geisinger Commonwealth.

Starting a club

Club resources

Club funding policy & information

Origin of Medical Student Council (MSC) funds
The Medical Student Council (MSC) is responsible to Geisinger Commonwealth and to the student body for the resourceful channeling of its funds.

A. Funding Allocation Procedures
MSC funds are allocated based on the priority of enriching student life through the MSC purposes as set forth in the MSC constitution. Budget requests may be submitted through each semester (fall/spring) funding requests and through specific event funding requests. The finance committee will review all proposals. All campus clubs and organizations will only be eligible for financial consideration if the following criteria are met:

A. General funding requirements

  1. The club or organization must have an account on campus.
  2. MSC must approve any event that wishes to utilize MSC funds at least 10 days prior to its scheduled date.
  3. Propose a local service project in which the club or organization’s members will actively participate.

B. Acceptable filing standards
Maintenance of complete, accurate and current files in the Office of Student Affairs is required for all clubs and organizations that wish to receive funding from the MSC. The MSC treasurer shall inform the finance committee whether or not a club or organization´s files are acceptable before that club or organization is eligible to receive funds. If the finance committee determines that records are incomplete, the funding request will be denied. Acceptable files must include the following:

  1. A constitution
  2. End of the year report
  3. Participation in a community service project
  4. Current list of all officers, members and advisor(s)
  5. A financial statement from the previous academic year. 

C. Compliance with the financial committee
Clubs submitting funding requests must comply with all deadlines and procedures outlined by the finance committee per academic year and the constitution.

D. Substantiation of financial need
Any club or organization that requests MSC funds for a specific event must be able to demonstrate that they have explored other fundraising activities and provide proof that a specific amount of monetary aid is necessary for the successful continuation of the organization. Clubs will be responsible for submitting both a written and oral proposal to the finance committee. After reviewing the submitted materials and questioning a representative of the club that is requesting funds, the treasurer shall present the finance committee´s recommendation at the next general assembly meeting.

B. Funding regulations
The following is a list of general funding regulations that must be followed in the allocation of any MSC funds:

  1. Funding for specific events should be allocated only in the year during which the event is to be held.
  2. The MSC is unable to honor requests by individuals for funding of personal interests.
  3. Conferences will not be funded through the MSC.

For additional general fund guidelines, please view the funding guidelines and request form.

Poster & publicity policy

All signs and posters must be approved and stamped by the Office of Student Affairs. Posters are not to be hung on painted walls or doors, place all posters on the tile or windows. Your cooperation in removing outdated signs is appreciated.

News media
The Marketing & Communications Department maintains an active professional relationship with local, regional and national media outlets including newspapers, television, radio and online sources.

For inquiries on media opportunities, contact the Marketing & Communications Department via email or phone 570-504-9071.