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The impact of Supreme Court decisions on the admissions process at Geisinger College of Health Sciences

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Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society


Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA) is a national medical honor society founded in 1902 which promotes professionalism, leadership, scholarship, research and community service.

For more information about AOA, visit the national website.

Mission statement

Alpha Omega Alpha — dedicated to the belief that in the profession of medicine we will improve care for all by:

  • Recognizing high educational achievement
  • Honoring gifted teaching
  • Encouraging the development of leaders in academia and the community
  • Supporting the ideals of humanism
  • Promoting service to others 

Current projects

  • MD2 Clinical Skills Day – Providing rising third-year medical students with hands-on clinical skills training to prepare them for what they will experience during their clinical years.
  • Away rotation database – Curating feedback from MD4 students' past rotations to help MD3 students choose away rotations
  • Away rotation guidebook – Creating a guidebook for MD3 students to navigate the Visiting Student Application Service (VSAS) and the away rotation scheduling process
  • Chapter oath – Creating AOA chapter oath for annual chapter induction
  • OSCE case development – Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE) case development with faculty guidance
  • Step 2 CS-OSCE guide – Providing M3 students tips on how to tailor studying
  • Fellowships and awards – Encouraging participation in AOA fellowships and awards

Fellowships and award opportunities

  • Administrative Recognition Award
    • Recipient: Administrative support staff member
  • Carolyn L Kuckein Student Research Fellowship
    • Recipient: Medical student
  • Edward D. Harris Professionalism Award
    • Recipient: Program or institution
  • Fellow in Leadership
    • Recipient: Mid-career physician
  • Helen H. Glaser Student Essay Award
    • Recipient: Medical student
  • Medical Student Service Leadership Project Grant
    • Recipient: Team of medical students
  • Robert H. Moser Essay Award
    • Recipient: All physicians
  • Pharos Poetry Award
    • Recipient: Medical students
  • Postgraduate Fellowship
    • Recipient: Medical residents or fellows
  • Robert J. Glaser Distinguished Teacher Award
    • Recipient: Faculty member
  • Volunteer Clinical Faculty
    • Recipient: Community physicians

Find more information on each program.

2022 inductees

  • Tim Boorady, Vice President              
  • Jessica DeAngelis                            
  • Angelica DeFreitas
  • Sarah Dwyer
  • Alex Haber                                        
  • Meredith Hanrahan
  • Jaclyn Jordan                    
  • Randy Lesh                                      
  • Laura Lockard
  • Mark Mandel                    
  • Alex Mettler                                     
  • Edward Mezian
  • John Pacheco                   
  • Jason Park                                         
  • Jino Park
  • Mary Pelkowski
  • Richard Potter, President
  • Hannah Sofield
  • Stephanie Tilberry
  • Sean Watson
  • Rebecca Welsh

Click here to view our members from 2014-2021.

Chapter Councilor

  • Margrit M. Shoemaker, MD
Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society logo

Virtual Induction Ceremony 2021