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The impact of Supreme Court decisions on the admissions process at Geisinger College of Health Sciences

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Graduate Student Council

The Graduate Student Council (GSC) was formed in 2009 following the admission of Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine’s Master of Biomedical Sciences (MBS) charter class and was established to advance the interests and well-being of the medical school and its current and future students.

GSC represents the united voice of graduate students and provides programs and activities which support the college’s mission and core values. The elected officers of GSC will work to strengthen existing bonds between students, faculty, staff and administration and to enrich the college’s educational excellence and student affairs programs.

Learn more in the GSC constitution.



MBS Graduate Student Council 2022–2023


an image of Jasleen Kaur
Jasleen Kaur

Vice President

An image of Abigail Bielecki
Abigail Bielecki


an image of Sadana Padmanabhan
Sadana Padmanabhan


an image of Erin Welby
Erin Welby

Chair of Diversity and Inclusion

an image of Rutendo Manyeka
Rutendo Manyeka

Chair of Health, Wellness and Social Engagement

an image of Revathi Gudi
Revathi Gudi

Chair of Public Relations

an image of Sofia Snowden
Sofia Sowden

Chair of Service Engagement 

an image of Daniyal Syed
Daniyal Syed

IT and Library Representative 

an image of Tamara Katz

Tamara Katz

January 2022 Cohort Representative 

an image of Sydney Drumheller
Sydney Drumheller

March 2022 Cohort Representative

an image of Melissa Morales
Melissa Morales

September 2022 Cohort Representative

Alexander Bachir
Alexander Bachir

September 2022 Scranton In-person Representative

Keyri Villegas
Keyri Villegas