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Medical Student Council (MSC)

The Medical Student Council (MSC) was formed in 2009 following the admission of Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine’s charter class and was established to advance the interests and well-being of the medical school and its current and future students.

MSC represents the united voice of medical students and provides programs and activities, which support the school’s mission and core values. The elected officers of MSC work to strengthen existing bonds between students, faculty, staff and administration and to enrich the school’s educational excellence and student affairs programs.

The MSC is composed of an executive board, senate and general assembly. For more details, read the MSC constitution.


Executive Board 2021-2022

  • President: Eshiemomoh Osilama
  • Vice President: Steven Reehl
  • Secretary: Evan Bair
  • Treasurer: James Basting
  • Community Service Chair: Miranda Rep
  • Student Engagement Chair: Gabriela Rodriguez
  • Health and Wellness Chair: Mira Patel
  • Diversity and Inclusion Chair: Oluwaseyi Olulana
  • Institutional Advancement and Communications Chair: Christine Wojciechowicz

Phase 1 officers

  • President: Akshay Patel
  • Vice President: Madison Hurst
  • Secretary: Alice Bouchard
  • Treasurer: Olivia Granja
  • Social Engagement Chair: Luke Scherz
  • Community Service Chair: Sophie Roe
  • Health and Wellness Chair: Sahaj Shah
  • Diversity and Inclusion Chair: Alexis Nduka
  • Institutional Advancement and Communications Chair: Joey Harmon
  • Learning Community Class Representative: Nina Gennusa
  • Library Resources Representative: Khevna Joshi
  • Information Technology Representative: Nicholas Mikolinis
  • Organization of Students Representative: Maya Glander

MD Class of 2024 officers

  • President: Adam Watkins
  • Vice President: Thomas Cronin
  • Treasurer: Beau McCarver
  • Secretary: Yezhong Lu
  • Institutional Advancement & Communications Representative: Jesse Ritter
  •  Diversity & Inclusion Representative: Rowena Rajan
  • Health and Wellness Representative: Jessica Koshinski
  • Community Service Representative: Tice Harkins
  • Student Engagement Representative: Bryan D'Ostroph
  • Library Sub-Committee Representative: Emily Grimes
  • Information Technology Representative: Victoria Lanham
  • Organization Student Representatives (OSR): Mary Taglieri

MD Class of 2023 officers

  • President: Matthew Parry
  • Vice President: Raymond Stemrich
  • Treasurer: Caroline Bandurska
  • Secretary: Alison Varano
  • Central Campus Representatives: Alice Matthai and Tyler Bogaczyk
  • Guthrie Campus Representatives: Erin Smith and Ananya Chandra
  • South Campus Representatives: Kara Romanowski and Makayla Dearborn
  • North Campus Representatives:  Irene Lin and Sydney Shade
  • Atlantic City Campus Representatives: Nicholas Mynarski and Michael DePalma

MD Class of 2022 officers

  • President: Tian Mauer
  • Vice President: Meredith Hanrahan
  • Treasurer:  Anton Androsov
  • Secretary: Hannah Sofield
  • Advisory Board: Jacob Huegel, John Pacheco, John Wroblewski, Kelly Ca, Caitlin Tillson, Tim Boorady and Ryan Brown