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Medical Student Council (MSC)

The Medical Student Council (MSC) was formed in 2009 following the admission of Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine’s charter class and was established to advance the interests and well-being of the medical school and its current and future students.

MSC represents the united voice of medical students and provides programs and activities, which support the school’s mission and core values. The elected officers of MSC work to strengthen existing bonds between students, faculty, staff and administration and to enrich the school’s educational excellence and student affairs programs.

The MSC is composed of an executive board, senate and general assembly. For more details, read the MSC constitution.


Executive Board 2020-2021

  • President: Tyler Bogaczyk
  • Vice President: John Coulter
  • Secretary: Irene Lin
  • Treasurer: Ananya Chandra
  • Community Service Chair: Kate O’Brien
  • Student Engagement Chair: Michael Yi
  • Health and Wellness Chair: Sydney Shade
  • Diversity and Inclusion Chair: Ebuwa (Bu) Ighodaro
  • Institutional Advancement and Communications Chair: Sarah Culver

MD Class of 2023 officers

  • President: Matthew Parry
  • Vice President: Raymond Stemrich
  • Secretary: Alison Varano
  • Treasurer: Michael Siegel
  • Institutional Advancement and Communications Chair: David Hopkins
  • Diversity and Inclusion Chair: Joshua Madera
  • Health and Wellness Chair: Erin Smith
  • Community Service Chair: Rachel Evans
  • Student Engagement Chair: Makayla Dearborn
  • Library Sub-Committee Chair: Automm Lombardo
  • Information Technology Chair: Sergey Gnilopyat
  • Organization Student Representatives (OSR): Alice Matthai

MD Class of 2022 officers

  • President: Tian Mauer
  • Vice President: Meredith Hanrahan
  • Secretary: Andrea Nale
  • AtlantiCare Campus Representatives: David Fear, Cecelia Allison and Andrea Nale
  • Danville Campus Representatives: Alex Mettler and Hannah Sofield
  • Guthrie Campus Representatives: Nick Fiala and Misha Patel
  • Holy Spirit Campus Representatives: Anton Androsov and Kaiya Flemons
  • North Campus Representatives: John Wroblewski, Brandon Eilberg and Tiffany Garcia
  • South Campus Representatives: Jacob Huegel and Caitlin Tillson
  • Organization Student Representatives (OSR): Jessica Baylor

MD Class of 2021 officers

  • President: Kathy Snyder
  • Vice President: William Bird
  • Secretary: Jess Stewart
  • Treasurer: Emily Herman
  • Advisory Board: Jessica Knapp, Madison Strony, Alexander McGeough, Alayna Craig-Lucas and Jeremy Tokash
  • Organization Student Representatives (OSR): Alexa Bolock