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Student health & disability insurance

All Geisinger Commonwealth students are required to have medical insurance at all times while enrolled.

  • Students must provide Terry Waibel with documentation of medical insurance regardless of the carrier.
  • Students have the option of purchasing one of the Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) student health plans from Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine or can enroll in another plan of their choosing. The Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine plan is administered by Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield.
  • Carefully review all the benefit summaries and pay close attention to the deductible information for in-network and out-of-network costs prior to making a decision.
  • Students can enroll in medical only or add vision and or dental.
  • The election to have health insurance automatically continues until graduation unless an opt-out form is completed.

Open enrollment

New students

  • Open enrollment for the Highmark Blue Cross for new students begins upon access to the Office of Admissions pre-matriculation site and ends on the close of business on the first day of classes.

Returning students

  • Returning students who previously were not enrolled on the plan can only enter Geisinger Commonwealth's student plan during the open enrollment period which begins on July 1, and ends on the close of business on July 31 unless there is a “life-changing event.” 
  • Life-changing event: A life event is a change in your personal situation that makes you eligible to change or enroll in benefits outside your initial enrollment or the annual enrollment period. You can also use the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and other benefits for free services like counseling, financial advice, help finding childcare, will preparation and more. Reminder: you must make your benefit changes within 30 calendar days of your life event. 
    • Arrival of child
    • Leave of absence
    • Marriage or divorce
    • Loss of loved one
    • Gain or loss of coverage
    • Withdrawal from GCSOM

Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan

The plan for all GCSOM student begins Aug. 1 of every year and ends 12 months later or July 31 of the following year. The election to have health insurance automatically continues until graduation. However, students may choose to waive the option to purchase student coverage from Geisinger Commonwealth's Student Plan by completing the opt-out form. In order to waive coverage, students must supply a copy of the health insurance identification card for which they are currently enrolled and return the waiver form to Student Health Services.

Student health insurance enrollment form for medical and vision

Student health insurance enrollment form for dental

Summary of benefits and coverage 

*NOTE: THESE ONLY APPLY TO GEISINGER COMMONWEALTH STUDENTS WHO CARRY THE BLUE CROSS INSURANCE PLAN THROUGH GEISINGER COMMONWEALTH. If you do not have the coverage offered through Geisinger Commonwealth, please check with your carrier for coverage prior to agreeing to services.

Preventive schedule

Students who enroll in Geisinger Commonwealth's plan have access to Blue Health Solutions, a program that helps the insured manage their overall health and wellness.

The program includes preventive health education, early identification of future health problems, wellness and lifestyle management tools, care coordination and health management for chronic conditions.

Health insurance rate information

Cost for individual student coverage is $5,989.32 per year which includes medical, vision and dental plans. Premium costs are billed to students bi-annually on student invoices.

Student’s dependents also have the option to enroll in the plan at an additional cost.

View rates for available plans.

Disability insurance information

Disability insurance is provided and required for all medical students. INS MED is the insurance carrier and costs the student $50 per year.

Students are provided clear, concise explanations of school health and disability insurance plans, including information related to additional fees for services beyond standard insurance coverage and the additional fees to cover a spouse and/or dependents. This information is included in the Financial Aid Guidebook where all student fees are explained. Additional details for each coverage are also provided to students shortly after admission and at the time of enrollment in the insurance programs.

More information on the long term disability insurance program can be found in the flyer or complete 24-page booklet.