Uchenna Ofoma
Associate, Critical Care Medicine
Assistant Professor of Medicine, Temple University 
Director of Critical Care Fellowship Research

Department of Critical Care Medicine
100 North Academy Avenue
Danville, PA 17822 
Phone: 570-214-7068
Fax: 570-271-6021 

Research Interests

My health services research strives to understand how hospital-level variations affect outcomes for critically ill patients. My patient safety research studies how variations in care delivery processes in acute hospital care settings affect patient outcomes, using epidemiologic, quality control and systems engineering methodologies.

Recent Publications 

  • Ofoma, Uchenna R. MD, MS; Dahdah, John DO; Kethireddy, Shravan MD; Maeng, Daniel PhD; Walkey, Allan J. MD, MSc. (2017, April). Case Volume-Outcomes Associations Among Patients With Severe Sepsis Who Underwent Interhospital Transfer. Critical Care Medicine. 45, 4, p 615-622. Full Text.
  • Ofoma UR, Reriani MK, Biehl M, Kashyap R, Ahmed AH, Rabinstein AA, Gajic C. (2015, June). Neuromuscular and Neuropsychological Assessments in Survivors of AcuteRespiratory Distress Syndrome: ExploratoryComparisons with an At-Risk Cohort . Neurocritical Care , 22(3), 395-402. Full Text
  • Biehl M, Kashyap R, Ahmed AH, Reriani MK, Ofoma UR, Wilson GA, Li G, Malinchoc M, Sloan JA, Gajic O. (2015, Oct). Six-month quality-of-life and functional status of acute respiratory distress syndrome survivors compared to patients at risk: a population-based study.. Crit Care , 19, 356. Full Text
  • Ofoma UR, Chandra S, Kashyap R, Herasevich V, Ahmed A, Gajic O, Pickering BW, Farmer CJ. (2014, Jun). Findings from the Implementation of a Validated Readmission Predictive Tool in the Discharge Workflow of a Medical Intensive Care Unit. Ann Am Thorac Soc , 11(5), 737-43. Full Text
  • Ofoma U, He F, Shaffer ML, Naccarelli GV, Liao D. (2012, Oct). Premature cardiac contractions and risk of incident ischemic stroke. Journal of the American Heart Association , 1(5):e002519. Full Text
  • Ofoma UR, Lehman EE, Haidet P, Yacht AC. (2011, Jan). Associations between subspecialty fellowship interest and knowledge of internal medicine: a hypothesis-generating study of internal medicine residents. BMC medical education , 11, 5. Full Text


MD, University of Nigeria, 1998
MRCSI, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, 2005
Internal Medicine Residency, Maimonides Medical Center, Brooklyn NY, 2005-2008
MS, Pennnsylvania State University, 2010
Critical Care Fellowship, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, 2013