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Director of Neurosurgical Oncology
Director of Geisinger’s Center for Translational Neuroscience 
Co-Director of High Performance Computing Programs

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100 North Academy Avenue
Danville, PA 17822

Research Interests

My individual research efforts and interests based on this theme are threefold. 1) I use probabilistic, mathematical modeling and predictive analytic methods to develop tools capable of improving individualized risk prediction, informing more accurate medical and surgical decision-making processes, and developing data-driven, population-based screening and management strategies for common diseases. 2) I apply mathematical models to genomic and epigenomic data to improve our understanding of the fundamental biology of disease processes. This includes nonlinear and dynamical systems / chaotic modeling strategies for cancer, but it also includes integrating molecular and clinical data so that these types of analyses can be applied in a clinically-relevant fashion. 3) I use comparative effectiveness and econometric analysis strategies to study the costs and benefits of alternate management strategies in an effort to maintain high-quality patient care while optimizing the efficiency of healthcare delivery.

Recent Publications

  • Marko NF, Weil RJ.. (2013, Feb). The molecular biology of WHO Grade II gliomas.. Neurosurg Focus , 34(2), E1. Full Text
  • Lubelski D, Abdullah KG, Weil RJ, Marko NF. (2013, Sept.). Bevacizumab for radiation necrosis following treatment of high grade glioma: a systematic review of the literature. J Neurooncol , Epub ahead of print. Full Text
  • Marko NF, Weil RJ.. (2012). Non-gaussian distributions affect identification of expression patterns, functional annotation, and prospective classification in human cancer genomes. PLoS One , 7(10), e46935. Full Text
  • Mohammadi AM, Recinos PF, Barnett GH, Weil RJ, Vogelbaum MA, Chao ST, Suh JH, Marko NF, Elson P, Neyman G, Angelov L.. (2012, Dec). Role of Gamma Knife surgery in patients with 5 or more brain metastases. J Neurosurg , 117 Suppl, 5-12. Full Text
  • Marko NF, Coughlan C, Weil RJ.. (2012, Nov). Towards an integrated molecular and clinical strategy to predict early recurrence in surgically resected non-functional pituitary adenomas. J Clin Neurosci , 19(11), 1535-40. Full Text


MD, George Washington University, 
Howard Hughes Institute Medical Student Fellow, The Institute for Genomic Research, 
Neurosurgery residency, Cleveland Clinic, 
William P. Van Wagenen Fellow, University of Cambridge, UK, 
Fellow in Clinical Neurosurgical Oncology , University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center,