Daniel Maeng
Assistant Professor

Department of Epidemiology and Health Services Research
100 North Academy Avenue
Danville, PA 17822 
Phone: 570-214-1688
Fax: 570-214-5170 

Research Interests

Dr. Maeng's research interests focus on the issues of healthcare delivery, quality, and patient outcomes. The goal is to identify effective interventions, strategies, and innovations that will improve healthcare quality while controlling the cost. In particular, he specializes in using large observational data sets, such as electronic medical records and claims data, to evaluate the effects of quality improvement initiatives and interventions that are designed to influence the behaviors of healthcare providers as well as patients. He is also interested in developing complex statistical models for establishing causal inferences from non-experimental research settings. As a part of his ongoing research projects, Dr. Maeng has performed both quantitative and qualitative analyses to examine the impacts of community-level interventions that aim to align the incentives of the key stakeholders within the healthcare sector.

Recent Publications 

  • Maeng DD, Pticavage JM, Snyder SR, Davis DE. (2016, Feb). The value of value-based insurance design: savings from eliminating drug co-payments.. Am J Manag Care , 22(2):116-121. Full Text
  • Maeng DD, Snyer RC, Medico CJ, Mold WM, Maneval JE. (2016, Jan). Unused medications and disposal patterns at home: Findings from a Medicare patient survey and claims data.. J Am Pharm Assoc , 56(1):41-46. Full Text
  • Maeng DD, Yan X, Graf TR, Steele GJ Jr.. (2016, March). Value of primary care diabetes management: long-term cost impacts.. Am J Manag Care , 22(3):88-94. Full Text
  • Maeng DD, Fisher DY, Graboski A, Allison PL, Rodriquez JM, Starr AE, Tomcavage JF, Davis DE. (2015, June). Impact of a value-based insurance design for back pain on health plan member satisfaction and its implications for patient outcomes.. Popul Health Manag , 18(3):203-208. Full Text
  • Maeng D, Snyder SR, Baumquat C, Minnich AL, Tomcavage JF, Graf TR. (2015, Nov). Medicaid Managed Care in an Integrated Health Care Delivery System: Lessons from Geisinger's Early Experience.. Popul Health Manag , Epub ahead of print. Full Text


PhD, Cornell University, 2008