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Frequently Asked Questions

As a resident, do I have the opportunity to teach?
Yes. Several rotators join our department each month, either from our primary care residencies or regional medical schools. Dermatology residents interact extensively with these rotators.

Are all clinical rotations spent in Geisinger dermatology clinic?
Yes. We strongly emphasize continuity of care in our program. Upper-level residents will team up with an attending a few times annually in an off-site Geisinger clinic to gain clinical experience resembling private practice. Expansion of training in cosmetic dermatologic surgery is offered in our service-line clinics.

My training at Geisinger far exceeded my already high expectations of the program. Not only have previous residents helped create numerous succinct study guides, but the majority of lectures are also given by attendings with years of clinical experience. I was impressed with the organized curriculum Geisinger used, which is important in a specialty that requires so much reading. The attendings are knowledgeable, always approachable and know the importance of allowing for resident autonomy. Compared to other programs, I think the hands-on surgical training and path training are unparalleled. My training not only prepared me for the boards but also gave me confidence from day one out of training.

Is clinical research available?
Not only is it available, but clinical research is encouraged and expected! Numerous opportunities exist for publications and presentations, and one day per week is designated as an independent "study-research" day for residents. Additionally, we offer second-year residents a clinical research rotation.

Will I have sufficient surgical experience?
Absolutely. We have five Mohs surgeons with rotations each year for each resident and ongoing surgical clinics, and a monthly surgery club.

What specialty clinics are available in this program?
We have specialty pediatric dermatology, wound management, melanoma, and surgical dermatology clinics. Experience with laser and cosmetic procedures happens during clinical and surgical rotations.

If you’re looking for excellent clinical training, an environment that encourages mentorship and a family atmosphere, Geisinger Dermatology is home!

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