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College of
Health Sciences

Gemme Campbell-Salome, PhD

Assistant Professor

Geisinger Medical Center
100 N. Academy Ave.
Danville, PA 17822

Phone: 570-214-0641

Gemme Campbell-Salome, PhD

Research Interests

Gemme Campbell-Salome, PhD, is a health communication scientist who investigates the relationship between family communication about disease and health outcomes. She studies the persistent influence of family on individual health decision-making, with the aim of designing and testing health communication interventions at the individual, familial and clinical levels. Her work in health communication interventions includes developing chatbots to communicate with individuals and families about hereditary disease risks; optimizing communication methods and messages to motivate cascade testing uptake; and designing patient-centered informative tools. Her research also explores psychosocial and relational outcomes such as resilience and coping, uncertainty management and sense-making.

Recent Publications

  • Campbell-Salome, G., Walters, N., Ladd., I.G., Sheldon, A.S., Ahmed, C.D., Brangan, A., McMinn-Betts, M., N., Rahm, A.K., Schwartz, M.L.B., Tricou, E., Fisher, C.L., & Sturm, A.C. (In press). Motivating cascade testing for familial hypercholesterolemia: Applying the extended parallel process model to clinician communication. Translational Behavioral Medicine. 
  • Campbell-Salome, G., Fisher, C.L., Wright, K.B., Lincoln, G., Applebaum, A.J., Sae-Hau, M., Weiss, E.S., & Bylund, C.L. (2022). Impact of the family communication environment on burden and clinical communication in blood cancer caregiving. Psycho-Oncology.
  • Alpert, J.M., Campbell-Salome, G., Gao, C., Markham, M.J., Murphy, M., Harle, C., Bylund, C.L. (2021). Secure messaging and COVID-19: A content analysis of patient-provider communication during the onset of a pandemic. Telemedicine and eHealth.
  • Jones, L.K., Walters, N., Brangan, A., Ahmed, C.A., Gatusky, M., Campbell-Salome, G., Ladd, I.G., Sheldon, A., Gidding, S.A., McGowan, M.P., Rahm, A.K., Sturm, A.C. (2021). Acceptability, appropriateness, and feasibility of automated screening approaches and family communication methods for identification of Familial Hypercholesterolemia: Stakeholder engagement results from the IMPACT-FH study. Journal of Personalized Medicine, 11(6), 587.
  • Campbell-Salome, G., Jones., L., Masnick, M.F., Walton, N.A. Ahmed, C.A., Buchanan, A.H., Brangan, A., Esplin, E.D., Kahn, D.G., Ladd, I.G., Kelly, Kindt, I., M.A., Kirchner, L.H., McGowan, M., McMinn-Betts, M.N., Morales, A., Myers, K.D., Oetjens, M.T., Rahm, A.K., Schmidlen, T.J., Sheldon, A., Simmons, E., Snir, M., Strande, N., Walters, N.L., Wilemon, K., Williams, M.S., Gidding, S.S., Sturm, A.C. (2021). Testing innovative tools to address familial hypercholesterolemia identification: Identification Methods, Patient Activation, and Cascade Testing for Familial Hypercholesterolemia. Circulation: Genomic and Precision Medicine. 
  • Campbell-Salome, G., Buchanan, A., Hallquist, M.H., Rahm, A.K., Roche, H. & Sturm, A.C. (2020). Uncertainty management for individuals with Lynch syndrome: Identifying and responding to healthcare barriers. Patient Education & Counseling, 1-10. doi: 10.1016/j.pec.2020.07.017.
  • Kastrinos, A., Campbell-Salome, G., Shelton, S., Peterson, E.B., & Bylund, C.L. (2020). PGx in psychiatry: Patients’ knowledge, interest, and uncertainty management preferences in the context of pharmacogenomic testing. Patient Education & Counseling, 1-7.


BA – University of Texas at Arlington
MA – Texas A&M University
PhD – Texas A&M University

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