GenomeConnect Survey Validation

GenomeConnect is an online registry where people can securely share information with doctors and researchers to improve our understanding of genetics and health. GenomeConnect believes that parents and guardians are the experts about their children’s health histories, so health information is collected through surveys completed by the patient or parent. The purpose of this study is to make sure that we are asking the correct questions in the GenomeConnect Survey. To do this, we are studying how often health information reported by patients and their parents is the same or different from health information found in medical records.

Who is eligible to participate?
You or your child may be eligible to participate in this study if he/she:

  • Has had genetic testing
  • Receives primary care through Geisinger Health System
  • Is a patient at Geisinger ADMI with a follow-up appointment scheduled in 2016

What does participation involve?

  1. Registering your child for GenomeConnect here and completing the health survey
  2. Completing an interview with a Geisinger ADMI team member at your next regularly scheduled appointment

Those that complete both the health survey and the interview with their provider will receive a $25 gift card for via their email.

Join the study

Juliann Savatt