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Pendergrass Lab

Embracing complexity for discovery.

Graphic representation of research performed by the Pendergrass Lab

This lab focuses on high-throughput data analyses and data-mining projects for uncovering the genetic architecture of complex traits, including pharmacogenomics.

This lab also develops novel data visualization to assist with understanding and discovery within complex data.


Dr. Pendergrass is a Genetic Bioinformatician focusing on high-throughput data analysis and data-mining projects for uncovering the genetic architecture of complex traits. The data for these projects have come from a range of sources, where genotypic data has been coupled with the following: population survey based data, de-identified electronic health record data, clinical study data, and pharmacological study data. She has extensive experience developing novel methodologies and performing high-throughput analyses for discovery, such as those for Phenome-Wide Association Studies, an approach investigating the association between genetic variation and wide range of phenotypic variables. She also has expertise in the development of unique software tools for data analysis such as Biofilter 2.0. All of the software is designed to enable researchers to access and analyze data in new ways. In addition, she has developed several unique software tools for data visualization: PhenoGram, PhenoGram-Genie, Synthesis-View, and PheWAS-View. Through her PhD she has expertise in gene-expression analyses and bioinformatics, through projects leveraging the complexity of gene-expression data for biomarker and biological discovery for the disease Systemic Sclerosis. Her masters work in Biomedical Engineering, and undergraduate degree in Physics, have provided her with additional technical and analytical expertise for complex data-driven projects. View Faculty Profile


Christopher Bauer, PhD MS | Postdoctoral Fellow

Navya Josyula, MS | Bioinformatic Analyst

Elliott Cha, MS | Research Assistant