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Pragmatic Trials

Title: ENCIRCLE Trail: PatiENt-Clinic-Community Integration to PRevent Obesity among Rural PresChooL ChildrEn Trial

PI: Lisa Bailey-Davis, DEd, RD
Funder: PCORI
Grant Number: CER-2019C1-16040
Dates: 10/2018 - 9/2024

This project compares three types of well-child visits for preventing obesity among preschool-aged children in rural areas. Participants are children aged 2-5 years and their families who receive an annual well-child visit at Geisinger. To learn more about the study see

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Title: Reversing Metabolic Syndrome: Eat, Love, Move: A multi-site Randomized Controlled Trial

PI: Lisa Bailey-Davis, DEd, RD
Funder: William G. McGowan Charitable Fund
Grant Number: CER-2019C1-16040
Dates: 10/2018 - 9/2024

This is a multi-site randomized controlled trial of a lifestyle intervention designed to reverse metabolic syndrome. The project enrolled 600 persons with metabolic syndrome at 5 sites across the US including Geisinger.

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Title: A Randomized Trial Examining the Effect of Subcutaneous Semaglutide on Kidney

Transplant Candidacy for Patients with Stage 4-5 CKD or dialysis-dependent ESKD
PI: Alex Chang, MD, MS
Funder: Novo Nordisk ISS

As severe obesity is one of the most common barriers to eligibility for kidney transplantation in the U.S., this placebo-controlled, randomized controlled trial examines whether subcutaneous semaglutide can improve kidney transplant candidacy for patients with advanced CKD.

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