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Department of Translational Data Science and Informatics

Department of Translational Data Science and Informatics

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The Department of Translational Data Science and Informatics will dissolve the traditionally “siloed” barriers between innovation, research and physicians and have dual responsibilities to pursue both clinical innovation and externally funded research. Healthcare innovation is classically a high-risk, high-reward endeavor in which failures are expected in order to realize the fruits of a true breakthrough. In contrast, conventional research structure encourages safer projects with high expectations of publication and external funding. These fundamental differences in research and innovation have classically kept them separate. However, we believe that cross-collaboration among innovators, researchers and clinicians will create a truly unique culture to accelerate a shared vision. The shared vision of our department is to improve the lives of our patients at Geisinger through the development, implementation and utilization of advanced imaging and data science techniques.

Research and innovation

Automatic estimation of heart boundaries and cardiothoracic ratio

Our innovative approach includes a diverse research team investigating the causes of and treatment of a wide variety of disorders and conditions.

Data Science Studies

Imaging Science Studies

Core services

Young girl preparing for an MRI.

This core offers services to streamline imaging research for clinicians and faculty throughout the health system.

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We are currently recruiting faculty at all levels and a highly motivated Research Scientist.

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