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Detecting gene changes for better health

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Department of Genomic Health

The Department of Genomic Health aims to make better health easier for those in the communities we serve. Our genetic information can help expose risks for a wide range of major health problems, like cancer and heart disease. And knowing about these risks, and taking appropriate action, can help us prevent disease and improve our overall health.

Founded in 2012, the Department of Genomic Health has greatly impacted our Geisinger community, and the scientific community at-large. Examples include:

  • Leveraging the MyCode Community Health Initiative to screen individuals for genetic risk for cancer, heart disease and other conditions
  • Using genome sequencing to shorten diagnostic odysseys in children
  • Providing genetic counseling in cancer, heart and other specialty areas
  • Developing innovations to better identify individuals and families at risk for hereditary conditions

We’re committed to conducting research that engages a wide range of patient and clinician participants while leveraging our strengths in implementation science, bioinformatics, behavioral science and outcomes measurement. The research we perform directly informs clinical care and aligns with Geisinger’s emphasis on innovative care that meets patients where they are.

Managing our health and that of our families involves figuring out how to fit our genomic information into the rest of our lives — other health issues we face, where and how we live, and what motivates us to care for ourselves and our families. And we’re devoted to helping patients and families find the best way to fit genetic information into their care.

To reach our goal, we’ll enhance our partnerships with patients, families and colleagues at Geisinger. And, we’ll partner with scientists at other institutions to ensure that the evidence generated through this innovative care can lead to better health for people everywhere.

Along the way, we’ll continue to foster advanced skills and expertise among our team of clinicians and scientists. Whether you’re a patient who’s worried about a health problem running in your family, a clinician sharing care of a patient with genetic risk, or a scientist keen to collaborate on advancing genomic health, we’re looking forward to working with you to help make better health easier for everyone.

Contact Us

Department of Genomic Health
Weis Center for Research
100 N. Academy Ave.
Danville, PA 17822

Geisinger Precision Health Center
190 Welles St. Suite 128
Forty Fort, PA 18704

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Featured Projects:

MyCode Conditions

genome first

MyCode provides reports to patients that may help prevent or detect certain conditions at an early, treatable, stage.

DETECT Research Study

Genomic Medicine Institute - article

Can a blood test detect cancer? We are researching blood specimens to look for circulating tumor DNA and protein markers.

Clinical Genome Resource


Dedicated to determining which genetic variants are most relevant to patient care.

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Geisinger research pursues an ambitious agenda with the long-term goal of directly impacting the health of our patients, our community and health care as a whole. A unique aspect of Geisinger research is that, unlike traditional academic approaches, scientists are integrally connected to the clinical enterprise. This facilitates interdisciplinary team-based collaborations to address clinically relevant questions.