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Leah Williams GMI

"There was still that one missing piece to the puzzle"

Leah participated in the Whole Genome Sequencing Project to find out what that was.
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Genomic Medicine Institute

The Genomic Medicine Institute partners with patients, healthcare providers and researchers worldwide to enhance the quality of life through research, education and clinical care innovation in genomic medicine. The institute conducts innovative research in genetics, genomics and family history to enhance the quality of life and improve healthcare value for patients.

Geisinger Genomic Council encourages the use of reference laboratories that have pledged to contribute past, present and future genomic data including genotype and phenotype to national databases to increase medical knowledge and improve patient care. Data from clinical testing should be made publicly available while respecting patient confidentiality. - Adopted October 15, 2014, reaffirmed July 12, 2017.

A list of reference laboratories in compliance with data sharing can be found here.


Marc S. Williams, MD


  • Adam Buchanan, MS, MPH, LGC
  • Amy Curry Sturm, MS, LGC
  • William Andrew Faucett, MS, LGC
  • Brenda Finucane, MS, LGC
  • David Ledbetter, PhD
  • Ming Ta Michael Lee, PhD
  • Christa Lese Martin, PhD
  • Andres Moreno De Luca, MD
  • Casey Overby, PhD
  • Sarah Pendergrass, PhD, MS
  • Alanna Rahm, PhD, MS, LGC
  • Janet Williams, MS, LGC
  • Eric Wright, Pharma, BCPS

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Genomic Medicine Institute
Weis Center for Research
100 N. Academy Ave.
Danville, PA 17822

Geisinger Precision Health Center
190 Welles St. Suite 128
Forty Fort, PA 18704

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MyCode Community Health Initiative

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MyCode will help researchers understand the relationship between genes and diseases.

Patient Facing Genomic Test Report

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Discovering how to provide information from whole genome sequencing of children with undiagnosed diseases that cause intellectual disabilities.

Clinical Genome Resource

Dedicated to determining which genetic variants are most relevant to patient care.

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Geisinger research pursues an ambitious agenda with the long-term goal of directly impacting the health of our patients, our community and health care as a whole. A unique aspect of Geisinger research is that, unlike traditional academic approaches, scientists are integrally connected to the clinical enterprise. This facilitates interdisciplinary team-based collaborations to address clinically relevant questions.