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linyuan jing

“Our team is encouraged to innovate and research topics that will actually impact the way we practice medicine. The data that’s available to Geisinger researchers is incredible.”

Linyuan Jing, staff scientist

By the numbers

Geisinger is one of the country's "most wired" healthcare companies with an electronic health record (EHR) deployed in all outpatient clinics, a comprehensive patient portal and many other digital means of delivering care. The EHR database contains information on more than three million patients, with data going back over twenty years. We are looking to expand our team with people that want to tap into our expansive data resources and establish a strong individual research program within a highly collaborative environment that integrates research into clinical practice.

1.3+ petabytes of image data

10+ million radiological studies

1.6+ million active patients

500,000+ echocardiograms

400,000+ abdominal CTs

300,000+ chest CTs

200,000+ brain MRIs


Is this job right for you?

The ideal candidate will have a background in imaging, engineering, computer science, mathematics or related clinical field such as radiology, cardiology, neurology, oncology or pathology. In particular, emphasis will be placed on applicants with a record of research accomplishments in translational imaging and image processing, machine learning, and the intersection between imaging and genomics. A successful candidate will have high potential to establish a strong individual research program within a highly collaborative environment that integrates research into clinical practice. Associate level applicants and higher must demonstrate an active nationally and internationally recognized program. The Department of Imaging Science and Innovation has multiple cores (all led by PhD-level staff) established to assist researchers with image acquisition, machine learning, and image post-processing. Reports directly to the Chair of the Department of Imaging Science and Innovation.

The ideal candidate will leverage Geisinger's expansive data resources:  

  • 20+ year longitudinal electronic health record encompassing over 1.5 million patients
    • Extensive longitudinal clinical data on population with low out-migration
  • 18+ year clinical image Picture Archiving and Communication System [PACS]  
    • 10 million radiological studies and 1.3 petabytes of clinical images
      • ~500k echocardiograms
      •  ~400k abdominal CTs
      • ~200k brain MRIs
    • Fully accessible imaging archive
      •  research PACS and automated image de-identification pipeline
    • GPU resources and coding environment within the clinical network
  • Prospective genome project with rapidly growing exome sequence database
    • 180k consented, 90k participants sequenced from large biobank
    • linked to the electronic health record and imaging data
    • clinical return of results program
  • Extensive healthcare claims database

Educational and experience requirements
:  Professional (Ph.D., M.D. or D.O. degree.) Ideally 5 years' experience in achieving successful funding.