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Obesity, diet quality, and kidney disease

Prevalence of obesity has risen dramatically in the last few decades; more than 1 in 5 adults receiving primary care at Geisinger have severe obesity (body mass index  35 kg/m2). Severe obesity is a strong risk factor for CKD and ESRD. Bariatric surgery is increasingly being used across the country as a treatment for severe obesity, resulting in sustained weight loss, improved blood pressure and blood sugars. Current funded research efforts include examining the effect of bariatric surgery on long-term kidney outcomes. 

Diet quality is an important modifiable determinant of health, including CKD. A pilot research study, FITKIDNEY, aims to determine whether a remotely delivered intervention can result in sustained improvements in dietary quality among patients with early CKD. FITKIDNEY incorporates a free smartphone app to collect dietary data, a dietitian who provides personalized counseling via telephone, and an educational website. 

A specific nutrient of interest particularly relevant to CKD is dietary phosphorus. Current research efforts include investigating the health impacts of high dietary phosphorus as well as better understanding sources of dietary phosphorus in the diet.

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