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Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation research

A Study on Brain-Computer-Interface-based Robotic Rehabilitation of Post-Stroke Upper Limb Neuromuscular Impairment

PI, Chulhyun Ahn, MD

Stroke is one of the leading causes of functional impairment that can lead to loss of independence and quality of life of the stroke survivor. Robotic technology can be used for functional training in the upper extremity of post-stroke patients. In this prospective randomized controlled study, we will compare robotic therapy guided by Brain-Computer-Interface (BCI) technology with robotic therapy without BCI to determine whether incorporation of BCI can enhance the functional outcome of robotic rehabilitation.

Safety and Effectiveness of Virtual Reality Utilizing EaseVRx for the Reduction of Chronic Pain and Opioid Use

PI, Chulhyun Ahn, MD

This prospective randomized blinded controlled study will investigate the effects of using a virtual reality (VR) headset in decreasing pain, reducing opioid use and improving quality of life for individuals being treated for chronic low back pain. During this 8-week, at-home program, patients will either be assigned to use either a 3D or 2D VR headset, and we will compare the outcomes between these two groups.

"In recognition of the intrinsically interdisciplinary nature of our field, Geisinger PM&R engages in translational, multifaceted research to achieve scientific and therapeutic breakthroughs."