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Patient Experience

Do you have specific suggestions or a general interest in helping us improve patient experience?

Patient & Family Advisory Council

Want to join or contribute information to our Patient and Family Advisory Councils?

Family Advisory Board

Would you like more information about joining or contributing ideas to the Family Advisory Board?

What does a research advisor do?

You can play an important role as a research advisor, providing input, feedback, and suggestions for efforts to improve care. By participating as an advisor you provide valuable insight into what matters to you as a patient.

Geisinger also recruits research partners that will contribute to oversight committees. These committees review proposed studies and provide guidance to researchers on how to conduct research responsibly.

Why is it important?

Patients, family, and friends have special insights into what is working (or not) in health care. They provide input, feedback, and suggestions on hospital services, programs, and policies as well as on research aims and protocols. With some types of research - for example, MyCode - patients serve on advisory groups that are responsible for overseeing the ethical aspects of the study. Patients engaged in oversight ensure that Geisinger’s healthcare learning, discovery, and research practices and proposed practices address patient and community needs and interests.

What kind of research advisory and oversight committees does Geisinger have?

  • Patient Experience Survey Respondents
  • Research Project Advisory Councils
  • MyCode Ethics Advisory Council
  • Oversight Committees for Specific Research Projects
  • Precision Health Participant Advisory Board (PHPAB)
  • Precision Health Youth Advisory Council (PHYAC)


Featured Opportunities

The Precision Health Participant Advisory Board (PHPAB) will assist with the design and implementation of research plans for various precision health projects at Geisinger, including the MyCode® Community Health Initiative.
high school aged kids posing with hands in the air
Precision Heath Youth Advisory Council 2017

The Precision Health Youth Advisory Council (PHYAC) is a group of 14-17 year olds that advises Geisinger researchers on youth perspectives regarding a wide range of issues relevant to precision health studies being planned or conducted at Geisinger.